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  • 03-22 2021 +Read More
    How to trim cat nails
    Most cats do not actually need to cut their nails, especially those stray cats, because they need paws for defense and climbing. However, many domestic cats suffered severe claw grinding, which caused various households to be brutally attacked, so they need to trim their nails.Which cats need to cut
  • 03-18 2021 +Read More
    Why do pet dogs need to cut their nails
    For pet dogs living in cities, the activity space is mainly concentrated indoors (mostly on smooth floors). If their nails are too long, they will not be able to grasp the ground firmly. They will slip and fall during the action. In severe cases, they may cause fractures. In addition, Excessively lo
  • 03-16 2021 +Read More
    Precautions when trimming your pet's nails
    Cutting nails is not a difficult task for most of us, but why is it so difficult to cut nails for our pets? The nails of moderate length can protect the dog's paws and help them better grasp the ground and fix the prey. When they walk daily, the nails will rub against the ground and do not need spec
  • 03-11 2021 +Read More
    Easily repair cat nails, it is more convenient to use electric nail polisher
    For friends with cats and dogs at home, in addition to diet, daily care is also very important. Especially for cats, because the nails grow faster, they take the initiative to polish them almost every day. But in this way, even if the cat scratch board and other tools are prepared at home, it may no
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