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  • Why You Need Dog Toy?
    Dogs need toys to provide mental stimulation, allow for appropriate chewing, and serve as important tools in behavior modification.
    Toys are mentally and physically stimulating and assist in fulfilling a dog’s emotional and physical needs. Even though dogs today are primarily bred as companion pets, they still need something to do. In the absence of a “job”, they will look for things to do to occupy their time and fulfill their chewing needs. If you don’t want them to choose their own chew toys, such as your sofa, pillows, or toilet paper rolls, provide them with appropriate outlets.

    Toys are excellent mental stimulators that encourage active play and minimize periods of boredom. This reduces the risk of destructive or attention seeking behaviors manifesting in your pet. However, dogs are a lot like children, and they get bored with their toys quickly. When this happens, the value of the toy as a mental and physical outlet is lost. Our dog trainers recommend that customers select six to eight toys for each pet ensuring that each is different in texture, size and shape. The toys should be given out a few at a time, then rotated every few days so that the pet always has something different with which to play.
  • Why You Need Pet Tag?
    1. There is always a chance your pet might get lost. According to the Found Animals Foundation, 1 in 3 pets will get lost at some point in their lifetime and 90% of them never return home without an ID. Another study reported that approximately 10 million pets get lost every year. Pet ID tags ensure that if your pet does get lost, it's easy for the person who finds them to get in contact with you and get your pet home safe.
    2. Unexpected events happen. Natural disasters can strike without warning, as can man-made problems like car accidents or a house fire. Any number of these unexpected events could result in the loss of your pet - even if he is "indoor only." It's best to be prepared ahead of time for these kinds of events. Putting a pet ID tag on your dog or cat's collar is a simple way to do just that.
    3. With a tag and collar, your pet is more likely to receive help. Many more people are willing to stop and help a stray that appears to be a family pet. Without a tag or collar, people might be hesitant to approach your pet and their chance at rescue could be lost.
    4. Pet ID tags are the fastest way to get your pet home. Micro-chipping is a valuable way to keep track of your pet, but if someone finds your pet, they will need to take him to a shelter or vet's office to have the chip read. Pet ID tags, on the other hand, make it fast and easy for anyone to get in touch with you as soon as they find your pet.

  • Why You Need Pet Shoes?
    Is your dog an active outdoor dog? Do you take them running, hiking, biking, or hunting with you and your family? Would you want to take part in these activities in your bare feet? Of course not! And neither does your dog.

    The next time you're heading out to take part in an outdoor activity with your dog, stop and feel the pads of their feet. Are they hard like horse hooves or soft like the pads of your feet? That's right – they're soft. They're prone to injury and they should be protected. You should know that:
    1) Shoes For Dogs Are Perfect For Older Dogs
    2) Keep Your Dog Cool as a Cucumber During Hot Summer Months
    3) Protect Your Dog's Feet From Winter Chills
    4) Keep Your Home Spic and Span
  • Why You Need Pet Glasses?
    Dogs are naturally nearsighted. In fact, they have terrible eyesight compared to humans. Researchers have found that dogs have 20/75 vision compared to a person's normal 20/20 vision, according to Psychology Today. This means that an object a dog can barely recognize at 20 feet away is clear enough for a person with normal vision to identify at a distance of 75 feet.

    Protecting your dog's eyes from damaging UV rays, debris or wind damage is just as important as protecting your own eyes if you and your pup spend a lot of time outside. Goggles and sunglasses are particularly beneficial for older dogs who have eye problems or diseases.

    Glasses protect your dog's eyes from outdoor irritants such as dust, sand, ice, snow, water and other elements. They’re also ideal for dogs who spend a lot of time in open vehicles and boats to guard against wind damage.
  • Why You Need Pet Raincoat?
    A dog raincoat is considered as one of the most essential pet clothing that you can purchase for your pet especially during the rainy season or winter. This pet clothing can provide superior protection for your pet during such weather conditions. Aside from the protection, it is readily available in various colors and designs that will make your pet look adorable while wearing one.

    For some dogs, walking in cold rain can present the risk of catching a cold or developing hypothermia. This fact is true for young, elderly, short-haired, or long-haired dogs – especially when the weather is chilly.
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