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  • Why You Need Cat Tree?
    1) A Home Gym: Cat trees provide great exercise be letting your cat climb and jump all over. The multi-level design encourages your cat to jump up and down which is great for keeping their muscles in top notch condition. On top of this cat trees are generally covered in holes and caverns to mimic a maze that will keep your cat interested and curious. 
    2) A Huge Scratching Post: If you’ve already had a cat then you know scratching is in their blood and it is pretty much impossible to stop the behavior. Given this you’ll want to redirect it to a place that is acceptable, and cat trees fit the bill perfectly. Cat trees are designed to take a beating from cat claws and stay standing, this is why they are typically completely covered in carpet. Most cat trees also come with special locations that have either sisal or rope for your cat to scratch, but if you look around you can find ones that have vertical, angled, or horizontal scratchers built right in. 
    3) A Safe Place to Sleep: Cats like to be up high, it is in their genes because it is an ideal location to hunt from. On top of this cats also see high places as safe places to sleep because they are off the ground where other larger predators may roam. Cat trees typically have a nice top level on them that is an ideal sleeping place for your furry friend. You can even enhance the space by adding some your cats favorite bed or a lamb wool covering.
  • Why You Need Cat Scratchers?
    There are uncountable benefits to sharing our lives and homes with pets. However, as any cat-owner can confirm, there are sometimes a few negatives. Just by following their normal, instinctual behavior, cats can sometimes create messes in our homes. Unfortunately, this can result in hard feelings between us and our feline friends. One common area of contention is the scratching of furniture, carpeting, or other household objects.

    In order to peacefully cohabitate with our cats, it's necessary to understand why they may engage in what we consider to be a negative activity and then provide them with an alternative that is acceptable to us and our furniture. Cats are born with the instinct to scratch objects for a variety of reasons.
    1) Cats have scent glands in their paws. Scratching deposits the cat's scent onto an object and leaves a territorial message for other cats.
    2) Likewise, the visual marks left on objects by scratching convey territory information to others.
    3) Scratching helps remove the outer layer from a cat's nails: it's good grooming behavior.
    4) Cats scratch to stretch their claws, feet, and bodies. This releases "feel-good" hormones that help keep your cat healthy.
    5) Cats scratch to release stress or excitement or "blow off steam."
  • Why You Need Cat Toys?
    Pet health is about more than diet and vet care - cat play is vital, and is one of the most important aspects of owning either a kitten or cat. You should play with your cat every day, if possible, and most vets and studies, including one from the PDSA* recommend two sessions of around 15-20 minutes play as a minimum.

    1) It keeps your cat healthy
    It may sound obvious, but if your cat is inactive it will gain weight and become unhealthy. Just like in humans. Play not only encourages your cat to move, and not just lie around and sleep, but it also stimulates their senses and improves their mood.
    2) It creates a better bond
    Cats that are played with tend to be more attached to their owners, and will therefore be more rewarding pets. If you don’t interact with your feline on a regular basis, they will lose interest in you, or simply view you as a provider of food.
    3) It socializes cats cat play
    Cat play not only exercises cats, it can also help to make them better behaved. A bored cat will explore on their own; it ll climb curtains, scratch sofas, and knock items off shelves. If you don t play with your cat they will make their own fun, and will exercise curiosity, so if you re concerned about your furniture and the general appearance of your home, socializing a cat through play is essential.
    4) Play comforts cats
    Life changes - it’s inevitable. Cats are creatures of habit, and when change happens (even if it’s temporary, like when you rearrange the furniture in a room for a couple of days), they get stressed out. Play can create a routine to help them cope with change, or it can distract them and make them feel more comfortable, helping them to overcome temporary stress that arises from change. If your cat is shy or hiding for some reason, a familiar toy can bring them out again, or allow you to get close enough to pick them up or comfort them.
  • Why You Need Cat Litter Box?
    Most cats are happy to use a litter box because their instinct is to bury their urine and feces. Litter boxes tend to fill cats' natural instincts and need to bury waste to hide their scents from enemies and prey.

    You should know that toilet training can cause various stresses to the cat, partly because using the toilet goes against a cat's natural instinct to dig and cover its own feces, and because the toilet seat can be physically difficult for cats to straddle (especially those who are old or ill). But using cat litter box won't have this problem.

    If you don’t use litter box or the box is not clean, they will try to hold it in, and that's where the problem begins. Holding waste in for prolonged periods of time is bad for your cat's kidney and bladder health. It can cause urinary tract infections, bladder infections, and even kidney problems.
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