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    Why Do Cats Love Catnip?
    For those who keep cats, there is definitely something called catnip. Many owners will keep catnip at home, because cats will have an excited reaction to catnip. So many people are curious, why do cats like catnip so much? Today this article will explain it for everyone.
  • 11-03 2021 +Read More
    Why don't all cats like catnip?
    As we all know, catnip has an extraordinary position in the hearts of cats. With catnip, it also brings some convenience to the owners. When promoting cat's appetite, you can put catnip on the food; when you want to keep the cat away from the sofa, you can put catnip on the toy, the cat will be attracted quickly. However, many friends should have discovered that not all cats like catnip. So why is this?
  • 11-01 2021 +Read More
    Is Catnip a Drug for Cats
    Catnip was actually called Nepeta when it was first discovered, which is a magical Chinese medicine. Even many people did not discover the effect of Nepeta on cats at the beginning, because it has excellent medicinal value for humans!
  • 10-29 2021 +Read More
    Why does my cat carry a toy around while miaowing loudly
    Some cats bark more than others, but if your cat keeps meowing—especially if this is a new behavior—it's worth watching. Cats have a lot of strange and innocent behaviors, but if they meow too much, it means they need your help, or they are painful.
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