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Why does my cat carry a toy around while miaowing loudly

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Some cats bark more than others, but if your cat keeps meowing—especially if this is a new behavior—it's worth watching. Cats have a lot of strange and innocent behaviors, but if they meow too much, it means they need your help, or they are painful.

It may not be surprising that cats sometimes meow when they are hungry. To some extent, this behavior is normal; when you open their food cans, your cat may make a moderate meow. However, if they are eating suddenly, or meowing all day, take them to the vet to make sure their health has not changed.


Another unsurprising reason your cat meows is to attract attention. If your cat is bored or alone, they may meow, so you should pay attention to them. If this happens, don't compromise when they are meowing, but provide more entertainment throughout the day. Buy or make some exciting toys and make sure you spend time with them every day.

Stressed cats are likely to express their stress loudly. Has your (and your cat) life changed a lot recently? For example, a new baby or a new pet? Cats are very sensitive to changes and will feel pressured in new situations. If you suspect that your cat is feeling stressed due to recent changes, give them a lot of love, attention, and quiet one-on-one time to help relieve their anxiety.

Cats that meow too much may have pain. It is best to take your cat to the vet first to rule out this possibility. Just like humans, cats get confused as they get older. If you have an old cat starting to meow, take them to the vet. The veterinarian can prescribe drugs to help cats suffering from confusion or disorientation. If your cats are not neutered, they may howl during heat or when they smell the female cats (male cats). If your cat has not been neutered, take them to the pet hospital for a minor operation, which is also very good for him.

When your cat has obvious behavior changes, be sure to take it to the vet, such as sudden excessive meowing. The veterinarian will rule out the possibility of diseases and obstacles and help you on the road to heal your cat.

Don't punish your cat for meowing. This is useless and will make your cat distrust you. Don't give up either. If your cat meows for food or attention, you will get information from them, they will know that this method is effective, and then you will be trapped in the meowing cycle for the rest of your life . When you have any questions, be sure to combine actual observations first, and consult the veterinarian if you can't find the cause. One more thing, be sure to show your love and patience to your cat.

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