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  • Why Your Dog Need a Dog Bed In Your Home?
    Unlike the floor, a bed will keep your dog warm, support arthritic joints, and prevent calluses. And unlike a couch or human bed, dog beds are spaces that pups can have all to themselves. And if you’re allergic to your dogs, then it’s best if they sleep somewhere besides your bed.

    Dog beds can also be taken with you when you travel so that your dog feels comfortable and is able to sleep somewhere familiar. They’ll rest easier and feel less anxiety.
    Dog beds are also usually easy to wash, which makes life easier if your dog has accidents, gets infested with fleas or mites, or just rolls in something stinky.

    A dog bed shouldn’t be used as a place for punishment or confinement. It’s a place of security that belongs only to that one dog, and they should always feel safe in it. 
    A bed makes a crate more comfortable, but that doesn’t mean a dog can spend twelve hours a day in a crate just because it has a bed. It’s a place dogs should be able to go and relax without feeling trapped or anxious.

    All dogs could benefit from having a place where they can feel calm and de-stress during the day or night.

  • Why You Need a Smart Feeder?
    1. It will help keep your pet entertained.
    Some smart pet feeders include real time interaction, such as a microphone and video camera. This particular product allows you to interact with your pets while you are away, whether at work or running errands. You can dispense food, while saying “hello!” to your pets, which aids in real-time interaction.
    2. If you’re working late in the office, your pet will still be fed.
    3. You can watch your new puppy if you need to escape for a quick minute.
    4. It’s easier to monitor your pets’ food intake.
    5. You can dispense little surprises throughout the day.

  • Why You Need Pet Hair Remover?
    Is your couch/ carpet/ bed/ car seat coated with fur? Are you bothered by your pet's fur shedding? Pet hair remover can help you solve these problem and give you a comfortable experience. 
    1) Easy to use: You can remove dust, fuzz and pet fur from your clothing, furniture, couch, carpet, bedding, pants or even your car seat anytime and anywhere. Pet hair remover provide you with great convenience.
    2) Reusable and eco- friendly: The pet hair remover provides 2X the cleaning power to brush away messes, 2x faster than any single-sided lint brush. You can reuse our pet hair remover again and again without waste.
    3) Saving more money and times: Unlike a tape-style lint roller that always need to replace the sticky sheets, unlike a general brush need to be cleaned frequently. All you have to do is just dip the brush into the cleaning base and pull it out. You will find your brush is tidy as new. You no longer need to buy new sticky sheets or spend a lot of time on cleaning.

  • Why You Need Pet Door?
    1) It provides them freedom 
    While we may choose freely to remain indoors and live a sedentary lifestyle by our own free will, animals do not usually have that luxury. Often they depend on us to give them the chance to simply be “animals” by letting them outside. They were meant to chase bugs, lizards, gophers, and adapt to the world around them. Installing a pet door is easy, and relatively inexpensive. You no longer need to be sure that you have open the door and allowed your animal go outside when they need to go to the “bathroom.” The convenience that a pet door affords a busy family is immense; animals, particularly dogs, should be let outside to roam, play, or do their business every few hours, which can be easily forgotten in the midst of a busy day. Imagine being kept from a toilet or locked inside for any extended period of time; you would go insane, or likely have an accident.
    2) It makes them healthier & agile 
    Because pet doors are a cheap and convenient way to give your animal more freedom, you no longer have to be responsible for ensuring that they’ve been given substantial bathroom breaks throughout the day. Furthermore, it promotes activity that will overall make your pet healthier and more agile. Just like humans, animals thrive off of productivity and can become depressed when they are not fulfilling a duty of some kind. For cats this may be chasing lizards and bugs, for dogs this may be hunting gophers or playing with a toy. When we give our animals more freedom to roam, they are generally happier and healthier. This takes some of the burden off of pet owners to do the work of entertaining and exercising their animals, and makes pet ownership a little easier.
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