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Why Do Cats Love Catnip?

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For those who keep cats, there is definitely something called catnip. Many owners will keep catnip at home, because cats will have an excited reaction to catnip. So many people are curious, why do cats like catnip so much? Today this article will explain it for everyone.


The original name of catnip was called camphor grass. It is a kind of Nepeta, and the flowers of catnip are lavender flowers. Once the cat smells of catnip, it will be attracted to it. The reason why cats are attracted is because catnip contains a component called nepetalactone. When the cat smells the nepetalactone, it will stimulate the amygdala in the brain. Once activated, it will make the cat feel excited. However, cats do not like fresh catnip, they prefer dry catnip.

But not all cats will react to catnip. Generally speaking, 50% to 70% of cats are excited when they smell catnip, but there are also 30% of cats that do not have any reaction to catnip. Especially, if your cat has not grown to two months old, it will basically have no response to catnip. Only after the cat has grown to half a year old does the reaction slowly start to become very strong, and the reaction of the female cat will be stronger than that of the male cat.

Cats are not as dependent on drugs like catnip. When the cat smells of catnip, it will be more excited within 15 minutes, but after 15 minutes, it will return to normal. Moreover, if you don't smell catnip for a long time, the cat will not feel bad physically. Therefore, the owner should not have a resistance to catnip, thinking that catnip is harmful to cats. On the contrary, a proper smell of catnip will also make the cat more youthful and energetic.

Owners can purchase catnip-containing toys for cats, such as scratchers and mouse toys filled with catnip. For anxious cats, these toys can play a calming role, and for those cats who are overweight or depressed, they can increase their activity and exercise.

Owners can use dry catnip on almost all cat-related items, such as cat climbing frames and scratching boards. It only takes a little bit to let the cat focus. You can also sew catnip into a small cloth bag to sniff the cat.


You can buy fresh catnip directly from the Internet or pet shops for cats to play with, but because it is not easy to store, it is not widely used. The owner can consider planting it yourself. Catnip planting needs to pay attention to drainage. Choose a location with sufficient sunshine and good ventilation. If it is planted properly, it is possible to see purple flowers blooming.

You can see a lot of catnip snacks on the Internet, just buy them and give them a bite!

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