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Why do pet dogs need to cut their nails

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For pet dogs living in cities, the activity space is mainly concentrated indoors (mostly on smooth floors). If their nails are too long, they will not be able to grasp the ground firmly. They will slip and fall during the action. In severe cases, they may cause fractures. In addition, Excessively long nails will pierce into the flesh of the claws, causing great pain; not only are they not good for themselves, but too long nails can easily hurt adults and children. Therefore, it is necessary to cut nails for both the dog and the owner.

Dogs do not cut their nails and even bring these hazards:

1. Affect the bones of dogs

Nowadays, many dogs are raised. The ceramic tiles in the house cannot satisfy the dog's ability to grind his nails by himself while walking, and the dog is not like a cat that can put his paws back into the mat. When the dog's nails are getting longer and longer, the bends will hit the ground hard when the dog is walking, pushing the nails into the flesh, causing pain. So the dog walks with its nails crooked in order to avoid the pain. Over time, the fingers begin to become outward, and then the symptoms of deformity of the outer eighth joints are formed, which affects the bones of the dog's legs and even the whole body.

2. Cause paronychia

After peeing or defecation, dogs like to kick the ground with their hind legs. If the nails are too long at this time, they will easily sink into the flesh, just like a human nail embedded in the flesh, which may easily cause problems such as paronychia.

3. Cause other diseases

If the dog's nails are too long and nutrients cannot be delivered to the fingertips, the nails will become brittle or cracked. Dogs also have the instinct to scratch and plan the ground. Dogs with long nails may cut off their nails or even bleed when digging the ground. If the owner did not find out and deal with it in time, the dog's paw may be infected, causing a series of inflammation, and in severe cases, it may even be infected with sepsis.

You can choose to cut your dog's nails when it is quiet. If the dog is resistant to nail cutting, you can give the dog some snacks as a reward. When trimming, the nail clippers should be inclined 45 degrees, pay attention to observe the blood line in the dog's nails.

If it is a light-colored nail, as long as you leave about 3 mm in the pink area of the nail, the bleeding will not be cut. If you can't see blood lines on dark nails, you need to be careful, and cut them slowly several times, and pay attention to the broken ends of the nails. If you see black spots in the middle of the nails, stop trimming.

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