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How to trim cat nails

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Most cats do not actually need to cut their nails, especially those stray cats, because they need paws for defense and climbing. However, many domestic cats suffered severe claw grinding, which caused various households to be brutally attacked, so they need to trim their nails.

Which cats need to cut their nails frequently? Domestic cats are cats that have a high degree of damage to the home and a high frequency. Because it does not climb trees as often as stray cats, and it does not sharpen its claws enough, causing it to often extend its magical claws to the home. Cats with arthritis disease usually cannot move due to their low mobility, so their paws need our help. Older cats, cats do not like sports when they are old, and their paws are often very long, although thick but extremely fragile, they need to be trimmed more frequently.

Because the cat's claws are retractable, it is difficult to see the length of the nails. It needs regular inspection to find out that if the cat's claws are not trimmed for a long time, it is easy to accidentally injure people due to sharpness.

Cats are very sensitive animals, but you can’t build claws whenever you want. It is best to choose a time when it is more relaxed, such as when it just wakes up or is about to go to bed, usually after eating, it will feel slightly sleepy during that time.

Don't do it at the following points in time, it will try to break free, and it is easy to accidentally hurt you during the struggle. When playing; when eating or hungry; when you are emotionally sensitive and you are in a time of tension and anxiety; when you suddenly change the environment, you are in a stress reaction period; when the cat is timid, there are many people around, and the voice is very messy.

1. First, make preparations. You need to prepare tools for cutting your nails, a towel/blanket (to prevent cats from struggling and accidentally hurting), and pet-specific hemostatic powder (to prevent bloodline cutting). If you accidentally cut your head and cause your cat's paw to bleed, you can take some hemostatic powder and wrap it around the cat's injured paw.

2. Soothing before trimming, before trimming the nails, place and push the cat up, you can do a little massage to make it calmer and more relaxed. Use a more convenient and comfortable cutting paw posture, it will be easier to trim some.

3. Since the cat's nails are usually locked in the pad, you need to gently press the front end of the pad, and at the same time let the front end of the paw drop a little. Cats are different from dogs. Their nails are transparent. You can clearly see the red part of the back of the nail. There are blood vessels and nerve tissue in this part. Don't have the idea of "cutting more to save trouble". It is easy to cut. To get there, about 1-2 mm will do. Once the cat has resistance to the paw, it will be very difficult to trim it later.

4. Rewards and comfort after trimming. After cutting the paws, you can give the cat more food or snacks that it likes as a reward and comfort, and let it associate the food with the paw building. Once you have the impression of the relationship between food, the cat will not cut the paws later. There will be resistance, and maybe a little look forward to it~

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