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Easily repair cat nails, it is more convenient to use electric nail polisher

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For friends with cats and dogs at home, in addition to diet, daily care is also very important. Especially for cats, because the nails grow faster, they take the initiative to polish them almost every day. But in this way, even if the cat scratch board and other tools are prepared at home, it may not be able to guarantee that the cat will not damage the sofa and other furniture.

Many friends usually use special nail clippers to repair the cat's nails, but for many novices, the use of these tools still requires some skills. If used improperly, it is easier to damage the cat's fingers. So in order to solve the problem of cat nails, there are many small tools on the market. In addition to the common nail clippers and cat scratchers, electric nail polishers are also a good choice.

In terms of design, the claw grinder is generally small and can be held with one hand, so it is very convenient in daily use. In addition, it is a small tool with a built-in battery, which also performs well in standby. Although there is no distinction between the speed gears, the strength of the nail can be adjusted by changing the position where the head of the nail polisher contacts the pet's nails. Therefore, in addition to cats, this nail polisher is also suitable for large, medium and small dogs.

Because the nail polisher itself has a certain amount of noise during work, it still takes a while for pets to get used to it when they use it for the first time. And the efficiency of this sharpener itself is relatively high, so in use, the official recommendation is within 5 seconds. In fact, compared to nail clippers, because the nail sharpener repairs pet nails by friction, it is not easy to cause pet nails to crack and can make the nail head more flat.

If it is a cat, the small gap left by the protective cover of the nail polisher is specially prepared for them. Of course, in actual use, for many adult cats, the use of this nail sharpener is still slightly resistant. In this case, two people may be required to cooperate to complete the repair of pet nails. Fortunately, the nail polisher is highly efficient and can quickly handle the cat's small nails, so it is more convenient for daily use. However, in order to get better results, it may be better to use it from when the pet is small.

In addition, unlike pet nail clippers, using a nail sharpener to repair pet nails will not produce more nail chips, so it will be very clean after use. At the same time, if the pet itself can adapt to the noise of the nail sharpener, generally one person can also complete the repair of the pet's nails.

Finally, the nail polisher is not suitable for pets while bathing, but it can repair pet nails more delicately, so you can use it regularly according to your pet's victory habits, and the effect is still very good.

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