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  • 05-19 2021 +Read More
    5 ways to prevent static electricity on dog grooming in winter
    Many dog owners like to groom their dogs, but when they are grooming their dogs in winter, can they hear the crackling noise of static electricity? Dogs will not let their owners comb their hair obediently when they are groomed in winter? What should the owners do in case of a situation? Let’s take a look at the solution together:
  • 04-02 2021 +Read More
    How to care for dog hair during the moulting season
    Generally, during the molting season, dogs will lose their hair, usually in a period of two months. If the pet owner feels that the dog has shed too much hair during the molting period, the following methods may be used to care for the dog, which may help the dog.1. Spend more time combing the dog’s
  • 04-01 2021 +Read More
    3 essential hair removal for removing dog hair easily
    Having a cat or dog in the house can add a lot of fun to the family, but it also brings a lot of troubles. The most obvious problem is pet hair loss. Pets shed a lot of hair every day, especially during the moulting season. There are hairs everywhere in the house. It is not clean even if it is clean
  • 03-29 2021 +Read More
    What are the benefits of using pet hair removal brushes for dogs
    The benefits of dog grooming can promote feelings, which is a very good time for interaction. Take care of the dog’s skin, help the dog to evenly distribute the oil to the hair of the whole body; prevent the dog’s hair from knotting; discover the dog’s skin disease in time.
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