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5 ways to prevent static electricity on dog grooming in winter

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Many dog owners like to groom their dogs, but when they are grooming their dogs in winter, can they hear the crackling noise of static electricity? Dogs will not let their owners comb their hair obediently when they are groomed in winter? What should the owners do in case of a situation? Let's take a look at the solution together:

1. Improve indoor environment and air humidity

The main cause of static electricity is the dryness of the environment. Increasing the air humidity in the environment can be said to be a fundamental solution. Prepare a humidifier and prepare a hygrometer in the room to know the humidity level at any time. In addition, keep more green plants (be careful not to choose plants that may be toxic to dogs), these methods can increase indoor humidity. As the moisture content in the air increases, static electricity will be much less. This method is not only suitable for dogs, but also every family member needs.

2. Washing is very important

Care points: For long-haired dogs or double-coated dogs, the owner can use professional hair spray when combing their hair. First, moisten the hair with oil or water (only a small amount), then comb it layer by layer. This principle is very simple. It reduces static electricity and prevents hair from falling out after drying.

Bathing points: choose a strong moisturizing, soft and strong shampoo. The owner can understand the function of the product through the product description. Nourishing shampoos generally contain wheat germ oil, lanolin, vitamin E, cocoa butter, mink oil and other nutrients. It can quickly repair and moisturize dry and damaged hair and skin, prevent dry and itchy, anti-static, and restore the luster and smoothness of the hair.

3. Choose an anti-static comb

Choosing a good comb with anti-static function can help the owner easily prevent static problems. Anti-static combs generally have coating type, coating type and conductive material type, which can better prevent static electricity. Because its material is a positively charged metal, it can neutralize the negative charge on the coat during the combing process and reduce the generation of static electricity.

4. When choosing clothes for a dog, look at the material

In winter, most owners dress their dogs when they take them out. When wearing dog clothes, cotton cloth should be used as much as possible. If you choose clothes made of other materials, you should first consider the possibility of static electricity. Every time you go home, comb your dog's hair to prevent static hair from tangling.

5. Food tonic can also prevent static electricity

Omega 3 fatty acids help dogs keep their coat healthy and moisturized from the inside out, so food can also help dogs improve the static state of the coat. Foods rich in omega 3 fatty acids are mainly linseed oil, perilla oil and fish. There are many coconut oil products on the market to choose from.

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