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How to care for dog hair during the moulting season

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Generally, during the molting season, dogs will lose their hair, usually in a period of two months. If the pet owner feels that the dog has shed too much hair during the molting period, the following methods may be used to care for the dog, which may help the dog.

1. Spend more time combing the dog’s hair

During the moulting season, in order to better adapt to the coming season, the dog will take off the old hair and replace it with new hair. This is a natural metabolic phenomenon, so pet owners don’t need to worry too much. Just need to take more time to comb the dog's hair during the moulting period and clean up the floating hair that has been removed from the dog. And then use a vacuum cleaner to clean up the cleaned dog hair, so as to reduce the flying dog hair in the house.

According to the length of the dog's body hair, dogs with different hair lengths have different grooming methods.

1. The grooming style of short-haired dogs is the same as that of medium-length dogs. In addition, when combing the dog's hair, you can also check the dog's skin by the way to see if the dog's skin is elastic and the color is pink. If not, the dog may have a skin disease, and it is best to send it to a doctor for examination.

2. For long-haired dogs, you can first divide the body hair into upper and lower parts, starting from the bottom, slowly combing with a wide-tooth comb. First follow the direction of hair growth, comb the tip of the hair, and then slowly comb from the root to the tip. If you encounter knotted hairs, use an open knot to comb it first, or straighten it out with your hands.

3. Use a dense-tooth comb to smooth the overall hair, comb away the dirt that can't be combed by the wide-tooth comb, and straighten the hair. The combing direction and steps with the close-tooth comb are the same as above. If the fine-tooth comb cannot go around, use a wide-tooth comb to comb it again until the hair is straightened out.

4. To comb medium-length hair, you must first use a wide-tooth comb to comb the hair in the opposite direction of its growth, and then comb the hair in the forward direction, so that you can remove large pieces of dirt and dander from the dog. , Make the hair more refreshing and tidy. After combing, wipe the dog's body hair again with a hot towel, so that the fine dust on the hair can also be removed, and the hair is naturally "shiny and moving".

2.    Feed the dog a proper amount of beauty powder

If the dog usually relies on eating a single dog food to maintain its fullness, it may naturally suffer from excessive hair loss because the body's nutrition cannot keep up. Even after moulting, the newly grown hair will be poorer, and feel dry and not smooth to the touch. In this regard, pet owners can feed their dogs some beauty powder. When feeding, you need to be appropriate, don't be too eager, not that you can make up in a short time if you feed too much, but insist on feeding the dog for a period of time.

3.    Regularly do in vitro deworming for dogs

Also, if the dog has some parasites, it will keep scratching the part bitten by the parasites, and the hair will be torn off. The more common ectoparasites in dogs are: ticks, lice, fleas, etc., especially for dogs that often exercise outdoors, the chance of being attacked by such parasites will be higher. Then, it is recommended that pet owners check, and if they find insects on their dog, they should use insect repellent spray or medicated bath to repel the insects.

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