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The correct posture for grooming different dogs

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Human hair has to be combed every day, so of course the whole body of a dog needs to be combed every day. Don't think it’s troublesome to take care of your dog. If you want your baby to become beautiful, you have to spend time and energy on nursing. Grooming a dog is not just a matter of scraping twice with a comb, but you need to pay attention to strength, angle, and tools!

First, you should use special tools when combing hair instead of human combs and brushes. The needle comb is used by holding the back of the comb with your hand, gently swinging with your wrist, combing horizontally, and using thick, medium, and fine combs alternately. The use of the comb is the power of the wrist, the brush has many teeth and meshes. When combing, lift the hair with one hand, and then brush the other part.

Second, the movements should be gentle and meticulous when combing, not rough or dry, otherwise the dog will be painful. Be especially careful when combing the coat near sensitive parts.

Third, pay attention to the dog's skin. A clean pink is good. If it appears red or has eczema, there may be parasites, skin diseases, allergies, etc., and it should be treated in time.

Fourth, if parasites such as fleas and lice are found, they should be promptly wiped with a thin wire brush or treated with insecticides.

Fifth, when the dog's coat is heavily contaminated, hair conditioner and talcum powder should be used in conjunction with grooming.

Sixth, before combing the coat, if you can wipe the dog's body with a towel soaked in hot water, the coat will be brighter.

Seventh, for dogs with severe entanglement of fine hair (undercoat), a comb or wire brush should be used along the direction of hair growth, starting from the tip of the hair, and then to the root of the hair, step by step, and do not comb hard. Pull to avoid pain and plucking of hair. If the felting is serious, use scissors to cut the felt piece in the direction of the hair dryer, and then comb it. If it still cannot be combed, cut off the felt part and comb it after the new hair gradually grows out.

The most basic way to care for your dog's body hair is grooming. By combing the body hair every day, it can remove the dirt in the body hair, stimulate the skin, promote blood circulation, and make the body hair more tidy.

Regular grooming and bathing can not only keep the dog's fur clean, but also greatly reduce the hair flying in the house. In addition, choosing a suitable shampoo and trimming the ends of the hair regularly will also help hair growth. These are the knowledge that our parents need for daily maintenance. Don't be lazy. Our dogs need your care, which can also increase the feelings between parents and pet dogs.

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