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Precautions when using pet hair removal brushes

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Dogs have to moult in spring and autumn, and a lot of coat will fall off at this time. A large amount of detachment will be attached to various indoor objects and people, which will affect indoor hygiene. If eaten by a dog, it will also affect the dog's digestion. Therefore, it is necessary to comb the dog's coat frequently, so that not only can remove the shed dirt and dust, prevent the coat from tangling, but also promote blood circulation, enhance skin resistance, and relieve fatigue.

There are some precautions when grooming your dog.

1. Take a shower: Take a good shower for your dog to get rid of the old dander accumulated on the skin. You don't need to take a bath too aggressively. Basically, you wash it once every two weeks in summer and once a month in winter. Be careful, bathing too frequently may damage the oily protective layer on your dog's hair.

Tips: Use lukewarm water when taking a bath, avoid your eyes, and finally remember to dry the dog's wet hair.

2. Dedicated shampoo: If the general shampoo can not effectively remove dandruff, then you should choose a special anti-dandruff shampoo containing a variety of special ingredients. When taking a bath, let the foam stay on the dog for a few minutes, so that the medicinal ingredients can take full effect.

Tips: Never use human-use anti-dandruff shampoo to bathe your dog, lest it cause greater stimulation. When dogs have severe dandruff, it is best not to bathe them with scourge that contains lice-killing ingredients, as this type of product will probably make the skin more dry.

3. Hair care spray: If the dog lives in a dry environment, it may also cause a lot of dandruff. You might as well buy some oily hair care spray at a pet store. After spraying on the hair, it can effectively prevent the excessive evaporation of water on the dog's hair.

4. Moisturizing oil: products generally used to maintain the skin can also moisturize the dog's fur.

5. Grooming: Grooming the dog regularly can brush off the old dandruff and dead hair accumulated at ordinary times. It can also help the dog distribute the natural oil secreted by the skin evenly on every inch of skin. As long as the dog is combed frequently, a lot The dandruff problem can be solved naturally.

When choosing a comb, pay attention to whether the comb teeth are too hard. You can try it with the back of your hand. If you feel pain, the dog will probably feel the same. In fact, the tooth comb that people use to comb their hair is very suitable for dogs. Furthermore, you can also choose a special pet grooming comb.

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