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Why use slow food bowls for dogs?

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In recent years, dog keeping has become more and more commercialized and more standardized. Nowadays, pet dogs don't eat leftovers. Most of them eat special dog food for dogs. But in the process of raising dogs, many owners find that their dogs start with dog food, and that situation cannot be described by eating. , It has to be described by sweeping or swallowing directly, a plate of dog food, some dogs swallowed it in 2 or 3 seconds without chewing at all.

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At this time, the owner is worried. If the dog eats too fast, will it be bad for the stomach? People eat too fast and hurt their stomachs. At this time, many owners will buy slow food bowls for their dogs! A dog basin that can't allow dogs to quickly eat dog food. Today we will discuss from a professional point of view whether it is necessary for dogs to use slow food bowls.

Slow food bowls are generally puppies, because puppies grow rapidly during the period of 3-12 months. Dogs themselves need a lot of energy, so some puppies will eat food as if they don't want to die.

The owners are worried that dogs eat too fast to hurt their stomachs, so they buy slow food bowls for dogs. But I want to ask everyone, can dogs really hurt their stomachs when they eat too fast? Owners are worried that the dog eats too quickly and hurts the stomach. The essential cause of the stomach hurt is vomiting. 

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So the dog swallows quickly and throws up? Most dogs will not vomit when eating quickly. If the dog swallows food quickly and vomits, then what the owner needs to do is not buy a slow food bowl, but soak the dog food before giving it to the dog. 

Secondly, some dogs are extremely anxious when using them, even overturning and biting the bowl angrily. These are very bad habits. The owner must appropriately stop this situation and not let this situation continue to develop. At this time, the owner can let the dog sit down, be quiet for a few seconds, and then continue to eat. If similar behavior occurs, continue to stop eating and let the dog remain quiet. After a few times, the dog will understand that some behaviors are not allowed, otherwise there will be no food to eat.

Third, the slow food bowl can change the dog's problem of eating too fast, but it cannot solve the problem of eating and not chewing. In other words, after the dog uses the slow food bowl, the eating speed will slow down, but the dog who does not like to chew will still not chew. So don't think about it, if there is a slow food bowl, the dog in the house will chew when eating. In fact, it takes a long process to form a habit of chewing for dogs who like to gobble.

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