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Why some dogs don’t love sleeping on the pet bed?

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Dog owners may buy dog beds for their dogs, hoping that they can rest well, but some dogs just don't like sleeping in dog beds. So the question is, why do dogs like to sleep with their owners so much?

One reason is that the owner's bed is more comfortable. Most dogs have a high IQ, and they can tell whether something is good or bad for them. During the time with their owner, they also realized that the owner's bed is more comfortable than its bed. Therefore, they want to run into the master's room at night, and they want to jump to the master's bed. If the owner is particularly soft-hearted, after letting the dog sleep in the bed once, he will prefer to sleep on the owner's bed in the future. In other words, the reason why the dog desperately drills into the owner's room is not only because it likes the owner, but also because it likes the owner's bed.

The second reason is the temperature in the owner's room is relatively high. Have you noticed it? In fact, in winter, dogs like to run into the owner's room. Why? It turns out that this is because dogs know that the temperature in the owner's room is higher and that they can sleep very comfortably when sleeping, and they will never feel cold, so they like to sleep in the owner's room so much. In fact, this phenomenon is also very common in summer, because in summer, the temperature in the owner's room will be extremely low. Dogs are afraid of heat, and of course they will find ways to go to the owner's room.

The third reason is the habitual reason. The reason why dogs like to sleep with their owners has a lot to do with their habits. We all know that dogs have some wolf genes in their bodies, so in daily life, they will have many wolf-like behaviors. Wolves like to live in groups, and so do dogs. When the pet owner only raises one dog at home, if the dog wants to find a companion to sleep with, he can only find the owner.

The fourth reason is too dependent on the owner. When everyone was sleeping in separate beds with their parents when they were young, were they not scared? The more I depend on my parents, the less I like to sleep with my parents and the more I like to sleep with my parents. Some dogs have this mentality. They are too dependent on their owners, so they all want to sleep with their owners. In their eyes, the master is their parents!

In this regard, it is recommended that most dog-raising families give a compromise solution: let the dog sleep as close to the bedroom as possible, or beside the bed. In this way, the dog may be able to avoid suffering too much mental trauma every night.

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