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Why is it better to keep a new puppy in a cage?

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Dogs are loyal, cute and obedient, so now there are more and more people raising dogs, and people will choose puppies to raise, because this will be better trained and more obedient to themselves. The most important thing is to raise a dog from an early age. They will only recognize themselves as a master, and most parents will keep their newly-arrived puppies in cages, because this will be better, for 5 reasons.

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Reason 1. Make the puppy more independent

Puppies are relatively timid when they arrive home, and they will become more fearful when they arrive in a new environment. Putting them in a cage can greatly reduce their inner fear. Because there is a private space of their own, the puppy will feel more at ease, less fearful, and better adapt to this new home. Puppies will also become more independent, which will have great benefits for their future growth. But the owner should also calm down the puppy's emotions more and can give some snacks so that the puppy will adapt more quickly.

Reason 2. Prevent puppies from excreting randomly

Puppies that have just arrived home do not urinate at a fixed point, so they will urinate anywhere. Keeping the puppy in the cage can prevent the puppy from urinating and defecation anywhere, and let the puppy develop the habit of defecation at a fixed point. When the puppy is older, you can let the dog come out to move freely, and the dog will not excrete randomly.

Reason 3. Puppies are healthier

The puppies' resistance is relatively poor, and when they arrive in a new environment, their resistance will be even worse, and they will be easily infected and sick. Nowadays, people keep more than one pet, but two or more pets. They will definitely come into contact with them, which can easily bring germs to puppies. Therefore, putting the puppy in the cage can well isolate the germs, reduce the sickness, the body will be healthier, and you can adapt to the new environment faster.

Reason 4. Prevent puppy troubles

Puppies are full of curiosity and are interested in everything, such as shoes, socks, and clothes. Anyway, things at home will be very interesting, and they want to explore it. This exploration is upside down. Therefore, keeping the puppy in a cage can prevent the puppy from making trouble, and the owner can also save worry. It is recommended that the owner prepare some big bones or teething snacks for the puppies to chew and grind their teeth, which can also reduce the puppies' demolition and trouble.

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Reason 5. Prevent puppy eating

Dogs are greedy, and so are puppies. The puppies in the trash bin at home will definitely go through it. In addition to leftovers in the trash can, there will be other garbage. If the puppy accidentally eats it, it is easy to be dangerous. Therefore, keeping the puppy in a cage can prevent the puppy from eating randomly and causing poisoning. Usually, you should train your puppies more to prevent them from picking up food randomly. There are also leftovers that are best not to be given to puppies. It is not good for your health and is not suitable for puppies' stomachs. The best food for dogs is dogs. Food and dog food are scientifically matched according to the nutritional requirements of the dog's body, and the nutrition is balanced and comprehensive.

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