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Why does a dog shake its head when it bites a toy?

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I don't know if every dog owner noticed one thing, that is, when a dog gets a new toy, he always picks it up and shakes his head. What makes the owner most uncomfortable is that in the process of dumping the toy, the head of the plush doll can easily fall off because of this. Is there any way to get rid of their habit? What is the meaning of this action? Let's take a look together today~

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Even after so many years of domestication, the dog still has a hidden nature as a hunter deep in his heart. We can learn more about dogs by observing the living habits of wolves, their close relatives. In the hunting action of wild wolves, the living prey will struggle fiercely. In order to prevent the prey from escaping, they will bite the prey severely and then shake their heads left and right. This action speeds up the blood loss of the prey, tears the muscles, and makes the prey give up struggling faster.

But because the dog has been domesticated for many years, this action has only a symbolic meaning. It's just a habitual action. After getting familiar with the toy, this action will gradually disappear. In addition to nature, it may also be caused by the wrong reward of the owner. If the owner accidentally rewards the dog after a head shake, it will think that the head shake is actually part of the reward.

Some owners actually dislike this kind of action, because most of the time this action will be accompanied by broken toys or the loss of small objects at home. But in fact, this action only strengthens the dog's biting ability. What we have to do is to get rid of its habit of biting things. Most dogs will bite because of psychological pressure and separation anxiety.

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As the patrons, we should put more thoughts on the dogs. Have you neglected that the dog makes him emotionally upset? Has it been a long time since you took it to the streets? Didn't you play with it? It expresses dissatisfaction by biting something? Investigating the meaning behind the dog's bite is a responsible owner. After discovering the problem, prescribe the right remedy so that the dog will not bite the items at home because it is too bored or needs to relieve stress.

In fact, the best way is to seek the help of a professional dog trainer to improve these bad behaviors. Although it seems that the price of dog training seems to be relatively high, it can avoid greater losses in the family and finally get a cute dog.

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