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Why do dogs need toys

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Dog toys are not only toys for entertainment in daily life, but also physical and psychological necessities in the process of growing up. Dog toys can be roughly divided into two categories, interactive toys and alone toys. Most owners only know that dogs like interactive ball-type dog toys, but in fact, dogs prefer alone toys. So when choosing dog toys, alone toys are relatively high-quality choices.

As a social animal, dogs will have negative emotions of loneliness and depression due to the lack of the companionship of their owners. If things go on like this, our dogs will be very excited when the owner is at home, and even bark at night and disturb neighbors.  Biting objects, barking, urinating and urinating anywhere after the owner leaves home. However, toys will distract the dog from waiting for its owner, and at the same time accompany the dog as a "playmate" to prevent and relieve the dog's loneliness.

Due to the growth and development of dogs, the gums will be uncomfortable and even painful, and they need the transition of molar toys. Compared with ordinary toys, the molar toys in toys are safer in material, and there is no worry that dog toys will be bitten and scum. Like a molar ball, the rubber material is embedded with a molar cake, which enhances the dog's food motivation, solves the dog’s loneliness and protects the dog’s mouth.

Not only stress, which only humans have, but also negative emotions such as anxiety and loneliness, dogs can also produce. So dogs sometimes release stress through some destructive behaviors. In order to avoid the danger of this kind of behavior, it is best to let the dog release the pressure of the dog by biting.

Now the owners hope to enhance their dogs' intelligence in some ways, whether through some external training methods, or by allowing them to eat fish oil-added dog food or nutrient solutions to enhance their dogs' intelligence. In addition to these methods, there are now some toys that can develop a dog's intelligence

For example, the maze ball in the alone toy is made of rubber, which is safe and resistant to biting. The toy can adjust the difficulty at the same time, divided into four difficulty. The increasing difficulty is relatively large for dogs. As an educational solitary toy, the maze ball is challenging for the dog to play, but at the same time it will also enhance the dog's thinking ability.

Some of the toys can control the dog's eating speed, help the dog's stomach digest better, and relieve the pressure of the dog's stomach. When the dog is anxious and lonely, it can attract the dog's attention to the toy, and the slow leakage of the snacks in the toy will also reduce the dog's eating speed, so as to achieve the purpose of weight control.

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