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Why do dogs need to use a flight carrier?

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Many owners think that the carrier is just a tool for the dog to check in when going out. Another name for the carrier is "imprisonment" because it looks too small. Many pet owners will think: "If I change places with the dog, I definitely don't like the box, because I like a big house with a big bed. An carrier is too shabby."

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In fact, it is not advisable to use human thinking to consider the dog's feelings. Suppose you have ever observed your dog's appearance when panicked (maybe it was criticized by you for doing something wrong, maybe it was frightened by thunder or firecrackers outside). Then you must remember where it hides-under the sofa, under the bed, in the corner... In short, it is not a spacious place. This is the psychologically unique point of dogs. For them, when they want to rest, a semi-enclosed "cave" space makes it easier for them to feel safe. The more open the place is, the more threatening it is, and it cannot be relaxed.

The use of a flight carrier has several effective benefits. It can be used for training, transportation, travel, or to restrict its activities (for safety) when you are unable to monitor the dog.

Puppy training: use a carrier for home training. Because dogs don't like to get dirty where they sleep, they can be used to train their bowel habits. When you don't have time to monitor the dog, you can limit the dog in the carrier to prevent accidents. Using a flight carrier can prevent destructive bites. All puppies will bite things, for example: when their teeth are itchy, when they feel bored, when they need to play, when they feel scared, or when they just want to bite.

Transportation: A dog that has been trained to live in a carrier can often travel with you easily because you can often bring its room together. If the dog needs to be transported by air frequently, the use of a carrier is a must. When traveling in a car, the carrier is also a safe place for dogs.

Problem solving: The flight carrier can help you solve some of the dog's behavioral problems, such as destructive biting or separation anxiety. In the flight carrier, the dog will feel safe and cannot cause trouble.

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During flight carrier training, the time spent in the carrier is slowly increased from 10 minutes to 1 hour, up to several hours. Carrier training should be carried out every day, and don't let the dog out because of the dog's whine. Dogs have the habit of not urinating and defecate in their daily life. This nature can be used to train the dog in the carrier. After the dog has eaten in the box, immediately take the dog to the determined location to go to the toilet.

Be careful not to let the dog stay in the box for too long at a time, 4 to 5 hours at most. Don't let the dog think that entering the carrier is a punishment. You can choose the corner or the bathroom, but do not enter the carrier to calm down when the dog is disobedient.

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