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Why do dogs lose hair

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With the improvement of people's material level, everyone has started to raise pet dogs, and many friends who raise dogs are always troubled by the problem of dog hair loss. But there are many reasons why dogs shed their hair. If they are not treated in time, they may endanger their lives.

One is hair loss due to seasonal reasons. This is a normal phenomenon, because with changes in climate, outside temperature, humidity, etc., dogs themselves will adapt. In summer, when the temperature rises, the long hair will naturally be shed to promote the loss of heat from the dog's body; in winter, when the temperature drops, the phenomenon of depilation of the dog will be significantly reduced, so as to prevent the cold and keep warm. During these periods of time, you only need to groom and remove the dander from normal metabolism.

Second, hair loss is caused by skin diseases or parasitic pests. The more common ones are folliculitis, eczema, or a large number of mites, lice, and fleas. Because these problems can cause the dog's body itching, the dog will use teeth or paws to scratch the fur, resulting in hair damage and hair loss. It is best to consult professionals in time for symptomatic treatment when such problems occur.

The third is hair loss due to human factors. Many dog owners use soap, soap, shampoo, detergent and other adult-use detergents to bathe their pets. Because the skin condition of dogs is different from that of humans, and even dogs of different breeds have different skin conditions, it is recommended to consult some professionals and use some toiletries that are relatively suitable for dog skin. In addition, avoid bathing the dog too often, because the dog will secrete some skin-protecting substances. If the dog is too frequent, it will be washed away, causing the skin protection substances to be washed away and damage to hair removal.

Fourth, hair loss is caused by the lack of trace elements such as minerals and vitamins in the dog's body. As we all know, dogs eat meat and bones, and some families may feed their dogs dog food. But these foods cannot supplement some trace elements that dogs need, such as vitamins: vitamin A, vitamin B, vitamin C, vitamin D, vitamin E and so on. It is recommended to properly feed some vegetables, fruits, etc. to the dog.

Fifth, Some other factors can also cause the dog to lose hair. Such as temperature, humidity, natural environment, sunlight and so on. If the dog is kept indoors for a long time without sunlight, it will also cause slight hair loss. There are also some short-haired breeds of dogs, although their hair is relatively short, but whenever they are stroked slightly, they may get some hair. You must be mentally prepared before breeding.

If your dog has hair loss, you can compare the above 5 conditions to find the cause and consult a professional in time to deal with it in time.

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