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Why do dogs like to run after tennis balls

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Dog owners often use tennis to train their dogs, but why are they particularly interested in tennis? Before dogs were domesticated and become pets, they all survived hunting in the wild. Dogs with predatory nature will usually show: eye-catching eyes, can recognize the direction, track, round up, grab, and kill. Centuries of breeding have weakened the predatory drive of dogs.

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In modern times, countless dogs live in a domesticated life. They don't need to find food or fight for survival. Dogs that exhibit high levels of predatory drive are nurtured and trained. Dog trainer Victoria Stewell explained that through selective breeding, humans have tailored the predatory behavior of dogs.

For example, in the breeding process, shepherd dogs will still use predatory behaviors, such as tracking, chasing, and biting, but they will prevent dogs from biting and killing the animals they raise. These special behaviors have been cultivated. Years of breeding make the nature of dogs meet human needs.

Tennis is a perfect "disguised prey".

Selective breeding has controlled predatory behavior, but these instincts will never completely disappear. In modern times, the predatory drive is not as strong as the dingo, but the instinct still exists to some extent. In particular, the dog's chasing instinct is still very strong. In the absence of real prey, tennis is the perfect "disguised prey". It can track, chase and kill those suppressed dogs instinctively. Tennis simulates desperate prey behavior.

Prey in the wild will panic and scurry around, trying to protect their lives. When you throw a tennis ball, it will bounce everywhere, imitating this desperate prey behavior. This movement immediately alarms the dog's instinct, let it chase, catch and swallow! Paplov explained that when a dog grabs a prey, it will quickly throw the prey aside, so that the dog will bite the neck of the prey to kill the prey. You will see your dog take the same action on the tennis ball after he "catch it". Dogs know that tennis is not a rabbit, but they will still like to practice their hunting skills and let their natural instincts prevail.

Playing with your dog is good for you and your pet. Physical exercise is a good way to reduce stress and exercise health. When your dog retrieves the ball and brings it back to you, your dog will feel a sense of accomplishment, because it knows that it has used its instinct to complete a task and make its owner happy!

When playing tennis with your dog, be aware of potential dangers. If your dog has a strong bite, it may bite the tennis ball and cause choking at the back of its throat. If this happens, please contact your veterinarian immediately for emergency assistance. Don't buy cheap balls, and don't buy tennis balls with a pungent smell. Check the tennis ball regularly, and replace it immediately if it is found to be severely worn.

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