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Why do dogs like plush toys

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Whether it is sabotage, hugs, or carry around, dogs are crazy about stuffed animal toys. What makes them so like to play with them? Is it the soft texture, the natural instinct to catch prey, or the need to nurture them so that they carry their stuffed toys wherever they go? Many dogs like to play with stuffed animal toys; shake, chew, and love them. Other dogs like to find them or chase them. No matter which category your dog belongs to, there are several explanations why he likes to play with stuffed animals. Let's figure it out.

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Some of the most important things to consider are the age, sex and breed of the puppy. Male and female dogs respond differently to social interactions. For example, an unneutered female dog will play with her stuffed toy because she shows the first sign of a false pregnancy. This means that her maternal behavior will remain active even after experiencing high temperatures. You must have watched those sad and cute videos of a mother who lost her puppies at birth and then took care of her beloved babies.

This is a natural way to express her love for these toys, because she takes them around to find a place to build a nest. For our dogs, stuffed animals play a variety of roles, from prey to siblings, we can easily say that dogs live through their favorite stuffed toys.

On the other hand, if your puppy likes to play "fetching" games and gently pick up toys to bring them back to you, then it is likely to be a "porter." The breed that is more likely to exhibit this behavior is the retriever. By carrying their toys, they expressed their desire to play with you. Dogs are always interested in new things, and they will become more interested when you participate.

One of the reasons you should allow your puppy to play with their stuffed toys is to relieve their gums and toothache. As they get older, they are more likely to experience weakening of their teeth and wear of their gums. By chewing on soft plush toys, dogs will bounce slightly so that they will not hurt their teeth or gums when they bite. Our suggestion is to find toys that are suitable for the age of the dog, and give your pet a surprise when it is crazy.

In the case of pups, look for durable ones and those with alternative squeaks. In this way, you can turn the toy often so that they don't get bored. At the same time, pay attention to plastic eyes, nose, and polystyrene fillings that can be chewed and eaten. You can find many good options online and offline, so be sure to choose the best product for your dog.

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There is no absolute answer to each case. However, we can be sure that dogs like their stuffed animals very much. Just look at your dog and think of the most reasonable answer based on their basic reaction to explain why they like to play with stuffed animals so much. Hug, carry, or destroy...Either way, every dog has a unique personality and abilities, so pay more attention to your dog!

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