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Why do dogs like digging dog beds

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The owner bought a variety of dog beds for the family dog, but the dog scratched on it, especially before going to bed. Some dogs don't know if it's not compatible with the dog bed or mat at home, and they always scratch. If it is caught like this, it is estimated that it will be broken in a few days, and the owner is not distressed.

In fact, dogs do not hate the mats bought by their owners, nor do they specifically want to damage them. There must be a reason for things. Let's see why dogs keep scratching the mats. How can the master stop it from destroying it?

Animal experts have observed that this is the nature of dogs. Domestic pet dogs have a better living environment, and some dogs gradually lose this habit. But dogs living in the wild will still scratch the ground before going to bed. Because there are sometimes many small stones on the ground in the wild, in order to sleep more comfortably, the dog will keep scratching to clean up these things. When the dog scratches, some other small creatures in the ground will also run away. Although dogs no longer live in the wild, their nature to scratch the ground still retains a bit. The dog keeps turning around before going to bed, in fact, it also has this function.

The dog's paw also secretes something with its own smell: pheromone. Pheromone is one of the ways of communication between dogs. You can understand each other through sniffing. Dogs sometimes kick up dust after defecate, in fact, to keep their own smell, and the flying dust can also disperse the smell. Before going to bed, the dog will leave the smell of his body on the mat through scratching, and the mat will be designated as his own exclusive territory, and he will feel more secure when sleeping.

In addition, some mats have the smell of materials, which may be plastic or cloth. Although the owner may not be able to smell it, the dog's superpowers can't hide under his nose. Faced with such an unpleasant smell, the dog will think there is an intruder, so keep scratching to find out the source of the smell.

Elizabeth Stelowy, PhD in Animal Behavior at the University of California, said: When dogs are extremely excited or anxious, they can also use scratching to relieve anxiety. If the dog not only scratches the mat at home, but also scratches the wall and floor, this may be a symptom of mental anxiety. In this case, in addition to scratching, the dog will bite at home, sometimes become very irritable and so on.

The owners certainly don't want the dogs to dig out the beds, so here is a versatile method for everyone: take more dogs out for exercise. After venting their energy, the dogs will naturally not make trouble, and they will sleep better at night!

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