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Why cats like interactive Toys the most

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Have you seen your cat do exercises? Maybe your cat is running wildly around the house, like a fluffy bullet flying from one room to another. Or it may jump up on a level surface, then tear carpets and furniture, or hit your feet in the middle of the night.

Exercise is as important to you as your cat. Both kittens and healthy adult cats need to maintain exercise habits. Even our old pets need regular exercise to stay healthy and happy.

We all know that exercise has a positive effect on our body and spirit. The same is true for your cat. If there is not enough stimulation, your kitten may become depressed. If it doesn't get enough stimulation during the day, it may keep you awake at night. Cats are great "athletes", but they generally only like short periods of exercise. So an energetic playtime at night may make it a little tired, and then you can get some restful sleep.

This article is about several ways that pet owners like to interact and play with cats.

The first thing to understand is your cat. Like all mammals, cats will play when they are young and will continue to play even after they grow up. Playing is a complex learning activity that helps kittens develop social relationships and helps them hone their physical and mental skills. In addition, your cat will feel very happy while playing, which is why adult cats are still keen to play. You can spend a lot of happy time watching your cat play. Watching cats play is one of the most interesting pastimes for cat owners.

There are a lot of cat toys on the market, but do you know what your cat likes? Does your cat like to watch birds, catch mice, or catch bugs? There are many kinds of toys designed for cats, and each cat has its own preferences. It is these preferences that stimulate their interest in toys.

Buy a few cat toys and roll them up or throw them directly to your cat to determine its preferences. See which toy it is most interested in. For example, you may see that your cat is more inclined to play with bird-related toys, such as: bird-shaped toys, chirping toys, toys made from bird feathers, or those that show bird movements toy. 

Other cats will like toys related to small rodents, such as: mice-like toys, squeaky toys, toys made of fur, or toys that make twitching movements. They may also like to throw, bite, or hold their "prey" in their mouths. In addition, toys that can simulate insects are also a favorite of many cats. You can also test your cat's preferences by giving your cat some food. You can use a laser on the floor or wall, or use a rope with a knot at the end to move the food quickly to arouse its interest.

When trying new cat toys, you need to introduce them to your cat one by one. You can show it toys of different sizes, shapes and textures, and try toys made of different materials such as fur, feathers, cloth and leather. You can roll them, throw them, slide them, move them in different ways and speeds, and observe which dynamic way attracts its attention. When using a shaking toy, such as a pole or stick that can shake an object, you can hang the toy in front of the cat, keep it still for a period of time, and then slowly or suddenly move it away. 

In addition, you can also try toys with feathers and then simulate the flight of birds. This method is very effective and often causes cats to "raid". In addition, you may find that your cat likes a ball that rolls or bounces. When they "attack" these balls, they will make a sound of catching prey and make hunting movements.

Once you figure out what your cat likes, you can adjust the size and type of cat toy to suit its preferences.

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