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Why can't the dog's food bowl be changed at will?

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Dogs have gradually become very common "members" in most families, and due to their agility, cuteness, loyalty and many other advantages, most people are increasingly "seeing dogs as people". Now the status of the dog is gradually improving, and people regard it as their family. And their eating and drinking has always been one of the most important aspects of all dog owners, and even the food bowl where the dog usually eats cannot be changed at will. Do you know why?

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1. Dog's sensitivity to things

Most people know that dogs always don't look at people or play before they become new members. They look very timid. Some dogs will bark constantly and make people cry without tears. In fact, these performances of dogs are sensitivity to new environments.

The dog is not only sensitive to the environment, but also very sensitive to the food bowl, and the sensitivity to the food bowl even exceeds the sensitivity to the environment. If the basin where it usually eats is inadvertently replaced or destroyed, and it changes its original habits at will, it will cause great discomfort to the dog, and then directly affect the dog's appetite. So when we buy food bowls, we must choose sturdy ones, otherwise it will be easily destroyed.

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2. Dog's loyalty to smell

There are dogs in the family, and the dogs have their own small world. When we move or need to clean up the dog cage, we always replace all the usual sleeping mats of the dog with new ones. But at this time, it will cause it to be psychologically uneasy, because the dog's own odor remaining in some places will give it a sense of security, and it will produce odors over time. Once it becomes dependent on its own smell, it is difficult to change. A dog is born with a sensitive nose, as long as it smells at will. Then you can smell the taste that you are not used to, so that it will be discounted on appetite, and it will not even eat.

In addition, the food bowl should be larger. Don't add too much food each time. It is advisable to cover the bottom of the bowl. Let the dog lick the food and add it after eating, so that the dog will develop the habit of not leaving food. Dogs have the habit of sleeping, eating, and eating in a fixed place. Therefore, the feeding place should be relatively fixed to prevent the refusal and appetite loss that may be caused by changing the feeding place.

After a dog uses a food bowl for a long time, it usually leaves a dog's smell on the food bowl, so they will gradually develop a habit of eating as long as the food is in the bowl. If the food bowl is changed rashly, it is very likely that the dog will refuse to eat, so if it is not necessary, don't change the food bowl easily.

You must know that the dog's food bowl must be an exclusive one, one for each dog, it is best not to be confused. Why can't the dog's food bowl be changed at will? For these reasons, the owners pay attention!

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