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Why buy teething toys for dogs

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Everyone knows that rodents have a demand for molar teeth, and the demand for molar teeth is very large. This is because the teeth of rodents are always growing. If they are not worn frequently, the teeth will block their mouths, causing the rodents to be unable to eat and starve to death. Dogs are not rodents, but why do they need to grind their teeth?

There are some differences between dog molar toys and rodent molar toys. Their main function is not to wear and tear the teeth, but a kind of entertainment tool. Dog teething toys are generally rubber or sterile bones, which are bite resistant but will not damage the dog’s teeth. The meaning of buying a molar toy for a dog is actually more to consume the dog's energy, relieve the dog's depressed mood, and let the dog relax. Buying teething toys for dogs has the following three advantages!

The first one: prevent the home from being demolished

It seems that dog demolition is already a world problem in the dog world. Even a well-behaved and sensible dog, there is the possibility of demolition from time to time. This situation in dogs is largely related to the lack of energy to vent. Dogs are very lively and active animals. Their energy is very vigorous every day. If they are always unable to reach the amount of exercise, then they will find some "joy" on their own. They usually stay at home for the longest time, so they will naturally "consider" the furniture at home, so the home is slowly demolished into a dilapidated home.

If you are really worried that your dog's energy can't vent, in addition to taking the dog out for exercise, it is also important to prepare more teething toys for the dog. It's all biting anyway. Instead of letting them bite the sofa, let them bite something special!

The second one: Relieve negative emotions such as boredom and depression.

Dogs also have emotional changes, and the emotional changes are very obvious. Don't look at their stupid appearance, they are actually sensitive inside. Dogs are often at home, but their owners are not at home every day, and there is no other kind around them, their lives are monotonous and lonely. For social animals like dogs, this situation is very painful, so they are prone to mental illness.

In order to prevent the dog's psychological problems, it is a good way to accompany the dog frequently and buy some stress-relieving toys. And the best decompression toys, we must recommend molar toys, they can not only relieve the dog's stress, but also release their energy!

The second one: keep the dog "come" and not noisy

Just like children with new toys, they will forget to cry when they see what they like to play with. If you are busy with something, and the dog is always "obstructing" you next to you, you might as well throw it some molar toys and let it play by itself.

Dogs may be unhappy at first, but once they play, they will quickly become obsessed with it. At this time, you can do your own thing at ease! Dogs are like children. Raising them is like raising children, coaxing them.

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