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What should you pay attention to when choosing a dog carrier?

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If you want to take your dog to a far place, then taking transportation will be your first choice, and the carrier is one of the essential items for consignment. Due to the different sizes of dogs, the purchase of a carrier should also be selected according to the dog's own condition. Now I will introduce you to the key points of purchasing a dog carrier.

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1. Choose a thicker flight carrier for the dog. Because the flight carrier is generally made of PP resin, ABS resin and other materials, the thickness directly affects its firmness. Because the flight carrier generally uses reinforced PVC plastic, its thickness directly affects its firmness. I suggest that you better see the actual flight carrier before you prepare to buy it.

2. Please do not choose a smaller carrier for your dog. The price of the flight carrier varies according to the size of the model, of course the larger the more expensive. When your dog is one size smaller and can barely get in, it is recommended that you choose one size larger. In this way, the dog has a larger space for activities, and it will be more comfortable during the journey.

3. In addition, be sure to choose a carrier that allows the dog to fully straighten its feet while standing and can raise its head. Because restricting its range of activities for a long time will increase the dog's psychological pressure during the journey, and the inability to make a comfortable posture will also affect the dog's health. Although we can see most of the consigned dogs lying in the carrier at the dog show, I personally feel that for a dog raised as a baby at home, I can't bear to let it lie all the way.

4. When buying a flight carrier, you should buy a water bowl that can be fixed on the door together:

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Don't just buy a carrier, ignore that dogs will need water during the journey. We have said more than once how important water is to a dog, it can find water when it needs it, and it can even make the dog less sick. The water basin dedicated to the flight carrier can be fixed on the fence of the door and will not tip over. If you are worried that the water will spill due to bumps, you can freeze the water into ice cubes slightly smaller than the water basin on the first day of consignment, and put the ice cubes in the basin during the next day.

The function of the carrier is actually the same as that of the cage, or even better. Dogs are cave animals and prefer narrow, dark, enclosed environments. The carrier not only provides the dog with his own geographical space, and makes him feel safe, but it is also a good tool for training the dog to go to the toilet. At the same time, it can also cultivate the quiet personality of the dog alone.

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