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What kind of kennel makes the dog sleep more comfortable

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Many owners will worry about a question, why their dog does not like the cute bed he chooses for him. In fact, this is because most dog owners will not choose a bed. Dogs do not have any sense of human aesthetics. For dogs, as long as the bed is comfortable, it is a good bed. Good-looking has never been the focus of their choice. Today we are going to give every dog owner a popular science on how to choose a perfect dog bed. In fact, it is necessary to consider these three points: health, durability and comfort!

A good dog bed will not endanger the health of dogs. After all, for dogs, the dog bed is where they sleep. If your bed is full of bacteria, would you like your bed? This is also true for dogs. We choose a dog bed from a health perspective. See if the dog bed has these three characteristics: Dustproof and deodorant, Machine washable and Enough to support the dog's weight.

Dogs will bring their saliva and body moisture to the dog bed when they are resting. This will create an excellent environment for the growth of bacteria. This causes health problems. Machine washing provides a very convenient way for the owner to clean and helps to ensure the hygiene of the dog bed. And the last point is that the dog bed must be able to support the dog's weight, just like humans, if you sleep on a bed that will make you recessed, you will feel aching back when you wake up. This is even more necessary for dogs with arthritis.

Many owners don't change a dog bed for their dogs every year. As for the change every few months, it is even less. So the doghouse is actually a kind of durable goods. It must be durable enough. What's more, the dogs' beds are not only used for sleeping, but also used to grind their paws and bite, or even drag them around. It may even suffer from the corrosion of dog urine, so the quality of the kennel must be hard enough, otherwise, you will need to change the kennel frequently.

At the same time, if the filling in the dog bed is inferior material, the kennel will be deformed during washing. As a result, the dog bed is scrapped, or the dog sleeps uncomfortably. Therefore, when purchasing a kennel, we must carefully choose the material of the kennel.

The memory foam mat for human swimming is also a very comfortable material for dogs. Because the dog can freely toss and turn on it, there is no need to worry about the deformation of the dog bed due to their bad sleeping habits, which will eventually lead to uncomfortable sleep. Moreover, when choosing a kennel, you need to pay attention. It is best not to have metal or plastic supports in the kennel, which will make your dog feel uncomfortable because of being caught.

dog bed that meets the above conditions is a good dog bed. If the dog doesn't like to sleep in it, it may be because of separation anxiety or insecurity. The owner needs to give him some simple training to let him know that it is actually very comfortable and safe to lie in the kennel. This can solve the problem that dogs don't like to sleep in the dog bed.

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