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What is a memory foam?

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Dogs don't need to go to work or school. Besides playing with their owners, they spend most of their time sleeping every day. In order to let the dog sleep more soundly, most owners will buy a comfortable bed for the dog. At this time, in addition to considering the size and shape of the dog bed, most owners should pay attention to the material of the mattress. Nowadays, many high-quality dog beds will choose memory foam as their mattress, so today I will take you owners to understand what memory foam is.

Memory foam is called slow rebound sponge. It was originally invented by NASA. It is used in astronaut's seat and bed to effectively dissolve impact. In the 1980s, memory foam began to enter the market. Many companies further improved this material and applied it to various fields.

When you press the flat surface of the memory foam with your hand, a fingerprint will appear and then slowly disappear. This is the iconic effect of memory foam-"slow rebound". It is difficult for other materials to imitate the slow rebound speed.

Memory foam has the following 5 properties.

1. It has leading performance in absorbing impact, reducing vibration, and releasing low rebound force; it is a cushioning material that protects the body of astronauts when the space capsule is landing, and is the best material for packaging valuable instruments.

2. Provide uniform surface pressure distribution; adapt to the externally compressed surface shape through stress relaxation, so that the highest point pressure is reduced to the lowest point, so as to avoid the location of microcirculation compression. It is a cushion material that effectively avoids bedsores for long-term bed rest. Gentle maintenance of the shape of foreign objects is a good material for posture mats.

3. Stable molecules, no toxic side effects, no allergies, no volatile irritating substances, and good flame retardant properties. No country has announced that it does not meet the hygiene and safety testing requirements of daily necessities.

4. Permeable cell structure, without perforating, it also guarantees the air permeability and moisture absorption required by human skin, and has proper insulation performance; it feels warmer in winter, and it is obviously cooler than ordinary sponge in summer. 5. It has anti-bacterial, anti-mite and anti-corrosion properties, strong absorption capacity, and maintains the cleanliness of the outside; generally, it can be used without washing or disinfection for a long time if it contacts the human body.

5. It is relatively durable and its performance is maintained for a long time; it can be shaped as required; it can be made according to the required hardness, rebound speed, and density to meet the needs of products for different purposes; the human body feels comfortable in contact.

Based on the above characteristics, it is recommended that you use a dog bed made of memory foam.

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