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What does it mean for dogs to give a toy to its owner

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I don't know if the pet owners have discovered a very interesting action, that is, when you walk in the door, your dog will bring you a toy. They jump up and surround you, as if you are asking you to pick up the toy in their mouth, while wagging their tails at the fastest speed. If you respond to their action, they will have some happy whimpers when they hold the toy, which is very cute.

We all know that dogs like toys very much, but why do dogs do it?

1. they are looking for attention

Veterinary behaviorists believe that your dog might do this to get attention. He misses you, and he wants to make sure you remember that you have a dog when you walk in the door. Toys are used as a means of distraction, making him a top priority.

2. they bring you gifts

Your dog may also bring you a gift. If we want to study dogs and wolves, we know that there is a packaging hierarchy and your puppy will please you for granted. This is also called appeasement and is a common way for dogs to communicate. Your dog thinks you are a kind of leader, and bringing you a toy is a way of ensuring his place in your bag.

Based on this packaging mentality, your dog may also show that his most trusted property trusts you. Dogs can be very territorial. This is their way of saying "I believe in you, and I believe this means you will never be separated again."

3. they want to tell you that they are happy

They are very happy to see your return, you are home, and now you can use the remaining time for exciting game time, just want you to play with them. Maybe take it out to play, especially for dogs with a lot of exercise.

So, although we don't know exactly why your dog brought you toys, what we know is that it's cute and will definitely make your day's mood better.

The idea of a dog giving its owner a toy is to let the owner play with it! Of course, if you pick up the toy, the dog will be hypocritical for a while and make a whine that threatens the owner. If the owner continues to grab toys with it, it will also cooperate with you to continue to hold on to it, such a short stalemate contest. The dog let go, and then he will look at you happily and wait for your next move.

Next, the owner must throw the toy far away, and the dog will run like an arrow to find the toy. After the dog finds the toy, he will continue to play with you, and then repeat the previous plot. It will take the trouble to stage the story over and over again. The dog will never be bored.

If your dog comes to you with his favorite toy in his mouth, in order not to make your dog sad, the owner must accompany him to grab the toy and throw the toy, and he must not tire of it.

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