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What color bed do dogs generally like

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Masters may know that because dogs are color blind, the world they see is different from ours. But what you may not know is that dogs are not completely color blind. They can see several colors. In order to better understand the world in the eyes of our own dog, let us come to understand it together!

First of all, we must know that the eyeballs of dogs are different from the structure of our humans. In the eyes of humans, they are actually natural short-sighted eyes. Because they can only see at a distance of up to 6 meters, if the owners interact with the dogs at a distance, the dogs actually can't see anything.

Secondly, although dogs are born with color blindness, they are not completely color blind. They can see blue, yellow and gray. Red is dark in their eyes, and green is white in their eyes. I finally know why every time I buy colorful clothes for my dog, it doesn't move anymore. It turns out that there is only blue and yellow in his eyes.

The visual angle of human binocular is about 120 degrees, and the visual angle of single eye is about 40 degrees. However, the binocular vision angle of a dog is about 30 to 60 degrees, and the monocular vision angle is about 135 to 150 degrees. In other words, the dog's monocular vision angle can see where we can't.

The eyesight of a dog is approximately 0.2 to 0.3 in terms of human eyesight. The clearly visible distance is about 2~3m. Taking into account the binocular vision angle just now, it means that dogs can clearly see a range narrower than human vision.

However, dogs are better than humans in terms of dynamic vision, and can respond sensitively to fast-moving things and farther changes. Dogs' better sense of smell and hearing than humans will also help them recognize things. Compared with people who focus on visual information, dogs use more senses to identify and distinguish.

The "color" as we know it is the wavelength of light. People use 7 colors to recognize part of the wavelength from purple to red. Although humans cannot recognize ultraviolet rays and infrared rays with their eyes, there are many birds and insects that can recognize ultraviolet rays. The color world we see is actually only a very small part of the world.

The wavelength of light that the eye recognizes is an organ called "cone". Dogs have fewer cones than humans. Previous studies believed that dogs can see the white and black world. In recent studies, scientists believe that the warm color that dogs see is yellow, and the cool color is blue.

So when buying a bed for a dog, choose yellow and blue colors that they can see. They should like it better. Think about it this way, a dog running on the green grass is just like running in the snow?

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