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What are the characteristics of an excellent portable pet bag

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Cat owners may have such troubles. I bought new cat bags or flight carriers, but the cats don’t want to go in, and the equipment is changed batch after batch. The cats don’t like it and don’t want to go in. Of course, we sometimes take it to the hospital or take a bath, and we can only resort to forced methods. The fact may be that it hurts the relationship between the cat and us. Then, besides forcing it, is there a better way?

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The best way to solve these problems is to teach cats to enter and go out the carrier voluntarily. A suitable cat’s outing bag needs at least 2 entrances and exits to provide the cat with a sense of security. If your outing luggage is opened from the top, please wrap your cat in a blanket and gently put it in the luggage. If your outgoing luggage is only opened from the front, wrap your cat in a blanket, lift and position it slightly to keep it away from the open door. In this position, you can gently lift the cat to the end of the bag. You may need someone to help keep the carrier on a stable surface.

Place some cushions and other supplies near your cat's luggage, such as blankets or cushions that make your cat feel comfortable. If your cat is very worried about going out of the luggage, please place the cushion far away from the luggage. Use your cat's favorite snack rewards or toy rewards when he stays calm or relaxed on the blanket. Soon your cat will know that their calm and relaxing behavior on the mat controls the rewards. By learning this, the cat establishes a positive connection between the mat and the reward.

Most plastic flight carriers have a bottom and a top; when you start training, remove the top of the carrier. This makes the carrier look less closed and poses less threat to the cat. The initial distance between the mat and the carrier largely depends on the cat's current perception of the carrier. If it is very negative, make sure they are farther away.

Once the cat feels comfortable and stays in the bag for 3-5 minutes, it should be taught that the door closes and there is nothing to panic.

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Once your cat is in the bag, reward immediately and close the door a small distance, then open and reward again. Every time you close the door further, make sure to open the door immediately until the door can be completely closed. If the cat at any point gives a hint that it feels uneasy and wants to leave, please open the door immediately, so as to teach it to control the opening of the door by moving to the door. This will help build the cat's confidence while eliminating any reason to panic. It is important to ensure that your cat can cope with staying in the bag for longer periods of time in a relaxed manner. It is recommended to use this training method, which usually allows cats to choose to use carrier as a good place to sleep.

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