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Use dog beds to help train dogs

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When the dog's bed is in the room, and the dog likes it, for example in a family room or kitchen. That is, for example, when you come in with a lot of groceries or open the box of takeaway pizza in front of the TV, you may not be far from the dog bed. In those moments, it is helpful for your dog to know the "go to bed" command. You can use any phrases you like, as long as they are short and easy to understand. So we can use the dog bed to train the dog to understand some simple instructions.

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First get your dog's attention and pretend that the dog bed is really comfortable, then place the dog bed where the dog often sleeps. If your dog finds that you find the dog bed interesting, he will naturally also be interested in it.

You can use some of the dog's favorite snacks to lure the dog into bed. After it has eaten snacks, it is given a "go to sleep" command. He can associate eating and going to bed. Then it will think that it will have snacks whenever it goes to bed. But remember to give him a release clue, such as "good" or "well done". When the dog heard these words, it knew it was ready to get out of bed. However, the owner cannot force the dog to get out of bed. If he feels comfortable and is unwilling to leave the bed, he can also sleep in the bed.

Once the owner and the dog have established a certain connection, they can practice issuing commands when they are near the bed. Please give him some snacks and compliments when he goes to bed. If you want him to lie in bed, add the command "lie down" and give him extra deliciousness to lie down. For example, dogs understand the difference between ordinary snacks and other delicacies, and are generally happy to do anything that can make them extra rewards.

After he understands these instructions, please gradually increase the distance or duration until your dog can consciously go to bed and does not need snack rewards. And after hearing the release command from the owner, he can get out of the bed quickly. At this time, the dog is the really obedient dog.

You will find that the dog learns these instructions to make his life much easier. After all, a dog relaxing on the bed will not disturb you when you try to eat, jump in tourists, or open the door! Just remember to keep all contact with the bed positive. Your dog should use his bed as a shelter, sometimes as a good place for snacks and pets.

If the owner is angry with the dog, he can also stay in the pet bed because he thinks it is a safe place. As long as you keep it happy, your dog will fall in love with "sleeping", just as you love to keep it in the road!

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