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Under what circumstances do dogs need to be caged?

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There are more and more people keeping dogs in their lives. In the process of raising a dog, I believe pet owners will feel annoyed about whether the dog should be kept in a cage. Today, this article will talk to you about the conditions in which dogs need to be kept in cages!

dog cage

1. Dogs have skin diseases

If your dog is prone to skin diseases, then the owner must let him develop the habit of sleeping in the dog cage, because this effectively prevents skin diseases. If your dog has skin disease symptoms, it will need to be kept in a cage for a period of time!

2. When the dog is in estrus

Dogs are also in estrus. During the estrus period, it is recommended that the owner keep the dog in a cage to prevent it from running around and urinating randomly. If you are raising a female dog, you must pay attention to keeping warm during its menstrual period!

3. When the dog is sick

Especially when there are many dogs in the house, if there is no separate room for the sick dog to live alone, then the sick dog can be separated from other dogs with a dog cage. But you need to pay attention, it is best to let the dog out every day!

4. Dogs who have just arrived home

After the dog arrives at home, put the dog in the cage first. At this time, you can open the dog cage door. The advantage of this is that when the dog walks out of the dog cage, it is already time for the dog to be more calm . There are also owners who keep their dogs in their cages for about 3 weeks, and open the cage doors for 4 to 5 hours a day. This method can also make the dogs better adapt to the new environment!

dog cage

Finally, no matter what kind of dog you keep, you should pay more attention to its diet. It is recommended that the owner should eat less food or dog food with high salt content and more additives. Dogs are prone to problems such as rough hair, tear marks, black and smelly stools for a long time, and the choice of dog food is very important. It is recommended that the owner choose a safe and nutritious natural food.

Although it is recommended that the dog should be kept in a cage, we usually need to accompany the dog more when we are free. Don't even dare to guarantee the dog's exercise amount, don't just stay at home or in a cage. You can play some interactive exercise training on the lawn, reward some snacks in time, let the dog understand, in fact, usually the owner does not dislike it when he keeps himself in a cage.

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