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Truth About Catnip

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It is believed that the efficacy of catnip is not a strange thing for many domestic cats. Some cats are as excited as doping after touching catnip, and some cats are as dull and insensitive as human beings after contacting with catnip. Catnip sounds like mint. Are they the same thing? Why do cats react strangely to this plant?


Catnip has its own serious name, which is Schizonepeta. In fact, it has nothing to do with mint. Its name is a bit similar, mainly because it looks a little like it, and then it will emit a pungent smell. The taste of catnip not only has a certain attraction to cats, but also has a certain repellent effect on some insects. Catnip is very adaptable to the environment, and it is not difficult to feed it.

It doesn't seem so special, so why can it make a cat crazy about it? first. Not all cats will react to catnip, so don't be shocked if you find that your cat is calm after contacting catnip. Everything can be applied to people, not to mention catnip, which obviously also applies to cats.

In fact, the catnip itself contains a kind of substance, which makes them strange. The substance is called Schizonepeta lactone. Because many cats have a different look after eating catnip, catnip is also known as "cat drug" in the cat world.

Of course, after all, it is just an honest plant, so in fact, catnip does not cause substantial harm to cats like drugs, and cats are not addicted to catnip. So don't look at the cat in the encounter with the catnip show the kind of inflexible like, in fact, catnip is a kind of dispensable to the cat, there is no and completely unimportant thing.

Different cats have different reactions to catnip. Some cats in contact with or eat catnip  will show a silly look, a face empty quietly. Some will be very excited, crazy rolling on the ground, all kinds of tumbling. These over excited cats sometimes feel a little shy when they are awake, so they are embarrassed to face their owners. The effect of catnip on cats will not last for a long time. Generally speaking, it will not be a big problem in about half an hour. That is to say, they can recover from the half dream and half awake state.

Because there are essential differences between catnip and mint, don't confuse their uses. Maybe the cat itself is shocked. Although catnip doesn't have any bad effects on cats, it's not good for cats, so don't overuse it to amuse your cat. It may produce certain immune response. Moreover, if you let the cat eat too much catnip at one time, it will affect the cat's breath. In short, although catnip is not a bad thing, it also frequently makes it easy for cats to breathe My own cat contact.

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