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The importance of regular cleaning and disinfection of dog beds

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Washing the kennel may not be part of your daily housework, but you can consider adding it to the housework list.

Your phone may be full of photos of your dog curled up in the bed. If the dog bed is its favorite place, then this may also be the most unclean place. Think about it-no matter what your dog is covered with (saliva, hair, food scraps, etc.), these dirt will be carried into the dog bed. Also, does your dog always like to roll on the ground? Then a lot of bacteria and parasites are brought into the bed.

Microbes, allergens, and fleas can all be lurking in the dog's favorite places. Like most domestic animals, dogs can also carry disease-causing microorganisms. Even just petting your dog will expose you to bacteria, viruses or fungi, which can cause harm to you and your family. These microorganisms can survive for up to 12 months without a host, which means they can live in a dog bed for up to a year.

You may be in contact with the dog bed more than you realize, which means you are more likely to be infected by dangerous bacteria. Every time your dog crawls out of the bed, it may bring these microorganisms to every place in the house, and mainly to where it will lie next.

Therefore, we need to disinfect the dog bed regularly. Disinfection can first prevent pet diseases and infectious diseases. For infectious diseases, prevention is better than treatment, and avoiding contact with sources of infection is the best way to prevent infectious diseases. Most infectious pathogens in cats and dogs are transmitted through feces, respiratory secretions, genital secretions or urine. Many infectious pathogens have certain resistance to the environment and can spread through contact with polluted environments (pollutants).

Some effective vaccines can prevent infection or reduce the clinical symptoms caused by these infectious diseases. However, not all vaccines have good immune effects, or are effective against all pathogens, and some even have serious side effects on the body. At this time, environmental disinfection is essential.

Disinfectants can be divided into solid disinfectants, liquid disinfectants, and gas disinfectants according to their properties. Relatively speaking, disinfectants can kill viruses and bacteria in the environment very well, but they require high concentrations and long-term effects to kill the parasite's eggs, cysts and oocysts. Cleaning is the key to reducing iatrogenic infections of these pathogens, and cleaning agents or water vapor cleaning can kill most pathogens. Trash trays and dinner plates should be thoroughly cleaned with detergent and boiling water.

To sum up, it is best for pet owners to go to a regular veterinary hospital to buy disinfection drugs that are less irritating, have a regular batch number and a manufacturer, and at the same time follow the doctor’s recommendations for proper disinfection, in order to achieve the best preventive effect. Disinfection is not only for To protect pets, more importantly, we humans are also free from viruses.

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