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The dog's food bowl and water bowl must be brushed regularly, otherwise something will grow!

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It is important to wash the dishes or not! Does your dog's water bowl feel slippery to the touch? That is biofilm! Biofilm is something not to be underestimated! Stop being lazy and wash pets' bowls every day! ! ! Also, don't think that only a water bowl will do it! Food bowls too! All meals must be washed!

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Biofilm, it is a very unfamiliar term to many people. But if it is mentioned that the sink, toilet, fish tank, etc. at home have not been cleaned for a long time, a thin film will form on the surface. This membrane contains many impurities, tissues and bacteria, and forms a complete structure, even a layer of synovial membrane, usually this is a kind of biofilm.

Biofilm has a common characteristic: in an aqueous environment, and a surface where microorganisms can adhere. Whether it is bacteria, yeast or protozoa, biofilm is composed of many organisms, mainly polysaccharides and proteins to produce an extracellular polymer.

Biofilms need to be formed in an aqueous environment, from separated organic tissues through initial adhesion, then separation, and finally forming tiny settlements. Take Pseudomonas aeruginosa as an example. When in an aqueous environment, the stuck bacteria will produce intracellular message-transmitting molecules to promote the formation of mushroom-like complexes. 

The message-transmitting molecules can react in the minimum concentration, and these message-transmitting molecules will promote the release of floating organisms into the surrounding aqueous environment, thereby maintaining the structure of the biofilm. In the end, a mature biofilm was formed. Common Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Staphylococcus aureus, and even Vibrio cholerae can also be formed.

Therefore, the host should clean the dog food bowl before putting dog food (clean water) every day, and do a thorough cleaning at least once a week. You can take the following two steps and stick to it to make your dog's tableware look completely new.

Daily cleaning-simply wipe it. Dogs do not have strict hygiene requirements than humans. Wipe it with a paper towel every day. 

Cleaning time: 15 seconds

Cleaning effect: clean surface. 

Clean Point: first wipe the inner wall and bottom of the basin, then wipe the outer wall and bottom surface. Wash every week-wash away the sticky feeling.

When disinfecting the tableware for dogs, you only need to boil them in boiling water for a while. If it is convenient, you can also use a certain amount of disinfectant to assist disinfection, but you must remember to rinse the dog's tableware afterwards, otherwise it will cause harm to the dog's body if ingested.

In addition, breeders also need to avoid cross-infection of tableware when feeding dogs. When feeding dogs, separate raw and cooked foods. Usually the dog's tableware should be placed in a certain place to prevent its tableware from being contaminated, and the container for feeding the dog should be distinguished from the tableware for eating.

Therefore, a dog lover should not only be careful with its food, but also pay attention to its tableware. Let us work hard for the dog's health!

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