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The difference between pet nail trimmer and nail clipper

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It's fun to have pets, but it's hard and thankless to cut nails for cats and dogs. At the same time, when their pets see the nail clippers, they are afraid as if they have killed them. On the other hand, they are worried that the cat will not cooperate with them, so that they can escape crazily.

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It is also important to choose a good nail clipper. Is it to cut the tangle quickly or to sharpen the knife without mistaking the wood cutter? Nail clipper is easy to use, can improve the efficiency of cutting nails for pets, and is undoubtedly a relief to the owner! Otherwise, it would be hard to cut their nails. If the nail clippers are not easy to use, isn't it even more difficult? Today, let's talk about the difference between ordinary nail clippers and electric nail trimmer.

The most popular pet nail clipper on the market, its structure is similar to the scissors used by human beings. It looks very simple. It looks like a small pair of scissors from a distance. There is nothing special about it. Its cutting edge is made of stainless steel, which is good in terms of sharpness. At least it is not blunt. For those old hands who cut cat nails, this ordinary one is enough. The blade is designed with a 25 degree angle, which is also very suitable for the shape of the cat's nail, so that the knife edge will not hurt the cat's meat pad.

The polishing head of nail sharpener is provided with transparent plastic cover, which is convenient and practical, avoids environmental pollution by debris, and is clean, hygienic and safe. Pets who have been hurt by a manicure knife and are afraid of it will not resist the sharpener. Besides, even if the pet struggles, or touches its pad, it won't hurt it. The polished nails are neat, smooth, and absolutely reliable! When you trim your pet nails, they will not hurt them and give your pet better manicure enjoyment. This product will not do any harm to the pet's nail body, but will beautify your pet's nail.

Of course, as far as the price of nail sharpener is concerned, it is more expensive than ordinary pet nail clippers. After all, they are electric products and technological products. And it is very suitable for novice owners. The only drawback is that the cat's nails should not be too long. It is more suitable for cats with moderate nails, so it is not necessary to use nail clippers if you often use nail sharpeners. If it is used as a polishing tool after cutting nails. At the same time, it is more suitable for dogs.

Finally, I want to remind you that you should leave a good impression on your pet's nails for the first time, otherwise they will be very resistant in the future. Remember to be gentle and don't cut the blood line. If you accidentally cut the blood line, you must comfort them.

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