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The benefits of memory foam beds for dogs

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The last article briefly described the characteristics of memory foam. The reason why it is recommended to use memory foam as a dog bed mattress is mainly because of the two major advantages, namely the temperature-sensing properties and the viscoelastic properties. 

The temperature sensing feature can sense the dog's body temperature and gradually become soft as the body temperature rises. It can also absorb the dog's gravity and keep it in the most comfortable posture. After the dog lies down, the viscoelastic properties of the memory foam can also slowly deform the dog bed so as to evenly support the dog's body up and down.

If you have a large dog, a dog bed made of memory foam would be a good choice. The bigger the dog is, the greater the burden on the muscles of the dog’s limbs, let alone the dog running around like crazy all day, so the dog’s muscles will be very tired after exercise. If the dog is lying on a memory foam dog bed, the viscoelastic properties of the memory foam can support the dog in all directions, including its tired muscles. In this way, the dog can also relax on the bed. And over time, an ordinary dog bed may slowly collapse due to the weight of a large dog, causing the dog's body to touch the ground. By then, it is not the bed but the ground that supports the dog. But the dog bed made of memory foam will rebound and will not deform easily.

Compared with adult dogs, elderly dogs spend a lot more time asleep during the day. If the dog's sleep quality is poor, it may have a negative impact on the dog's mood, memory and concentration, so a comfortable dog bed is particularly important. At the same time, with age, dogs are likely to develop joint or bone problems. In order to prevent the dog’s joints or bones from touching the ground, the owner is best to choose a dog bed made of memory foam. This kind of dog bed can not only fully support the body of the elderly dog, but also relieve bone and joint pain.

Although most dogs with arthritis are elderly dogs, there are actually many causes of arthritis in dogs. For example, malnutrition caused by lack of vitamins and minerals, joint damage caused by excessive exercise, and excessive obesity affect joint development. Labrador, Golden Retriever, German Shepherd and other dogs may also be more likely to suffer from arthritis due to genetic factors, so arthritis can appear in dogs of any age.

If your dog has arthritis, it is best to choose a dog bed made of memory foam for your dog. If the owner chooses a dog bed that is too hard, a dog with arthritis will lie on it as if lying on the ground, which will cause severe pain to the dog’s joints. At the same time, some owners may choose a very soft dog bed, but too soft a dog bed will make the dog’s joints touch the ground. The dog bed made of memory foam can not only be soft enough to the dog's comfort, but also support the dog firmly and relieve joint pain.

Each kind of mattress material has its own advantages and disadvantages, but for the above types of dogs, the memory foam dog bed is indeed a better choice.

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