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The benefits of keeping a dog in a cage

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Many people think that keeping a dog in a cage is cruel and restricts the dog's freedom. Some people think that keeping a dog in a cage is the best protection for the dog. So, should a dog keep a cage? 5 benefits of caged cages, let's decide after reading them!

dog cage

1. Reduce house demolition by dogs

Most of the dogs who are bored at home say they vent their time by tearing down their homes, especially the dogs such as Husky, Border Shepherd, Samoyed, Corgi. Keeping a dog in a dog cage can reduce the dog's demolition of the house and save you a lot of money for furniture replacement. Apart from being boring when the dog is dismantling the house, it may also be a tooth replacement period. It is recommended that the owner prepare teething snacks such as chicken jerky or large pieces of pig bones to grind the dog's teeth and exercise the teeth.

2. Convenient to clean up poop

If the dog is kept in a cage, even if the dog urinates, it is easier to clean up, the house is cleaner, and the smell is not that big. Especially for puppies, their ability to control their bowels and bowels is not very strong. They can urinate anywhere, and cages will solve this problem. However, it is still necessary to teach dogs to urinate at certain points. Training can be combined with some snacks. It will get twice the result with half the effort, and the puppy training will be more obedient and easy to train.

3. Cultivate independence

Dogs are more clingy, especially small dogs, and their owners have to keep up with them, even when they sleep in the toilet. Without the companion of the owner, you will suffer from separation anxiety, mental illness, etc., and cages can cultivate the dog's independent ability and reduce the dog’s suffering from separation anxiety. But usually at home, you have to accompany your dog more. It doesn't mean that you just let it go after caged. This is not good. You should also interact with the dog more and play games to reduce the dog's mental illness.

4. Ensure dog safety

Nowadays, office workers have more dogs. When they have to go to work during the day, the dogs are left unattended at home, which is more dangerous. Because dogs are more playful, like to tear down the house, and can't tell which things are dangerous, so it's easy to get dangerous. If you bite into wires, sockets, etc., there will be a risk of electric shock within minutes, and the safety of the dog can be guaranteed by keeping it in a cage. Then when you get home from get off work, you can free your dog to move around.

dog cage

5. Prevent dogs from eating randomly

Dogs are so greedy, they always look like they can’t get enough to eat. Let the dogs stay at home without having to dig through the food. The most direct way is to dig through the trash can. Dogs don't know which foods are harmful, and they must eat whatever they find, which can easily cause poisoning by mistake. Therefore, when the dog is at home at work, it is better to keep it in a cage, which can prevent the dog from eating randomly.

Having said so much, I don't know what kind of views do you think about cages? In fact, cages have certain advantages and disadvantages. As for whether or not to be caged, it is still based on the pet owner's own ideas. This article is just for your reference.

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