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The Potential Dangers of Cat Toys

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Play is an important part of a cat's healthy growth, but some cat toys can be dangerous. Here are six toys you should avoid giving your kitty to play when you are alone.

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1. Take out the ball toy

Our cat definitely likes toys that train their hunting skills, so we may let themplay with cat ball pulling toys. The ball pulling toy is a kind of toy with a ball in the box. The cat can reach in through the hole in the box to play with the ball inside.

Cats may love to reach in for balls, but these toys can be dangerous because cats can get stuck in their holes. Adult cats may only put their paws in, but kittens may extend their entire arms, and when they reach in and swing quickly, they may get stuck or scratched. Bigger toys will tempt kittens to put their heads and even their whole body in, but it's certainly not as easy to get out as it is to get in.

2. Wool ball

Wool ball used to be a necessary toy, but people's stereotype of cat playing with wool ball may make people feel that it is a safe activity. However, the fact is that cats often swallow the line, and this is one of the common reasons why cats go to the veterinarian. Wool, a foreign body, may cause intestinal obstruction or even more serious consequences.

3. Feather toys

Feathers on a cat's toy is not uncommon, but it's not safe for kittens. Kittens learn with their mouths, and are likely to bite feathers in half, swallow them, and get stuck in their throats or stomachs. Fine, fluffy feathers are more dangerous because you may not notice that it is eaten by the cat until the cat has symptoms.

4. Too high cat climbing frame

Cats like to be tall and suitable for clawing, so a cat climbing frame is a great gift for cats. It's important to provide a friendly vertical space for your cat at home, but you shouldn't give too small a cat to play with a cat climbing frame that is higher than it can handle. A brave kitten may climb high, but getting down is another matter. In order to avoid jumping too much pain, at least when the cat is 4 months old, give it a high cat climbing frame.

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5. Rope toys

Cats are very fond of chasing rope toys (think cat sticks), but cat owners should be cautious about things with long ropes. Rope toys can be quickly wrapped around the cat's neck or legs, which will panic the cat until the rope kills the knot. Due to the small size of the kitten, the cat will be entangled in the rope after several rolls, which can lead to suffocation or blood block in the limbs. Therefore, only in the case of the owner's care to play this toy for the cat, never let the cat play rope toys in unattended situation.


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