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Teach you to deal with dogs that don't cooperate with grooming

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Domestic dogs, especially those that have been raised since childhood, are generally willing to let their owners groom their fur, and some especially like grooming. But there are also individual dogs who have not developed the habit of grooming their coat since they were young, or they have not been groomed by the original owner. When the new owner grooms it, the dog will subconsciously resist, even when grooming to the abdomen or close to it. When it’s on the head, it will bite and make you unable to comb.

One of the reasons why dogs refuse to comb their hair is that they used to brush their hair improperly. Especially long-haired dogs, improper grooming can cause pain. In its memory, there will be a fear of combing. If it is for this reason, as long as the dog gently touches the dog while grooming, it will not refuse to groom the dog after a few times.

If the dog refuses to comb the hair, he should first remove the dog's hair to see if there is any skin disease. Dogs who do not comb their hair often are prone to dermatitis and minor injuries. Often damp on the body, it is also easy to get these skin diseases. First of all, the skin disease must be cured, so that the dog can easily accept combing when the skin is healed. Secondly, keep the dog's hair dry. To reduce dirt and dust contamination. These can easily cause dermatitis.

The way to improve this situation is:

1. When you groom your dog's coat, try to use a gentle tone.

2. When the dog is unwilling to comb and resist, don't scold him, use other methods to touch him.

3. Eliminate its wariness, applaud and stroke it softly while continuing to groom it, and the dog will gradually adapt.

4. It can be groomed before breakfast every day, and then fed to the dog to eat after grooming the coat, so that the dog will have a conditioned reflex that only eats after grooming, and it may be easier to accept grooming.

5. Individual dogs that are really disobedient, in order to prevent them from biting people when grooming, you can tie up the dog's mouth before grooming. It is best to use gauze strips to tie the mouth, because the gauze strips are soft and will not hurt the dog's mouth. Use the gauze strips to wrap around the dog's nose to the chin, tie a knot, and then wrap it around the back of the neck to tie it tightly. After a few times of tying, the dog gradually adapts to grooming, and will get rid of the bad habit of not allowing grooming.

Sometimes the owner hasn't groomed the dog for a long time, causing the dog's hair to stick together, and it is easy to cause pain when grooming. Don't doubt the dog's memory of pain, sometimes it will remember it for years. Keep the dog clean at ordinary times so that the dog will have less trouble.

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