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Precautions when playing toys with your dog

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Many owners will buy toys for their pets to make their dogs happy. Many pet owners will even buy a bunch of them at once, and some dog owners will pay special attention to avoid eating small things by not buying them. But whether it is dolls or balls, etc., have you noticed, are these toys really safe? Today we will talk about the hidden dangers of dog toys.

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For dogs, they cannot distinguish many foods and industrial products made by modern humans. In addition, if a pet dog is curious about something, he will use his mouth to greet him, and it is easy to eat by mistake. Dogs are likely to be interested in the colorful medicine bottles at home, if they play with their mouths out of curiosity, the consequences will be disastrous. Generally, if you live in one place for a long time, you will usually put some nails in your home, which has been needed from time to time. Note that these things may cause the dog to eat by mistake!

For snacks, don't give your dog chocolate or anything that contains caffeine. Chocolate contains a variety of derivatives of methylxanthine, caffeine and theobromine belong to this category of substances, it will act on the central nervous system and heart muscle of dogs, and even poison pets.

The owners need to be careful not to give the dog ginger, onion, garlic and other irritating and spicy foods. These fruits and vegetables will cause hemolysis or chronic poisoning in dogs, so owners must be careful not to let dogs eat these vegetables.

Everyone should be able to think of the rope toys we usually buy for dogs. For dogs, besides eating, the most important thing is not to play? The pet dog may accidentally wrap the rope around his neck while playing, or may suffocate by using the wrong method because he can't get rid of anxiously.

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You must keep the electric wires and some rope toys, and many owners will pull the power strips at home or even on the bed. In fact, this is not good. Not only will there be a safety hazard. If you don’t see the dog, you will also be prone to tripping. In addition, try not to buy some plastic toys for your dog. On the one hand, many plastic products are not edible. On the other hand, the dog will bite again, it is easy to bite into the situation.

When many owners buy toys for their dogs, they will pay special attention to them and will not buy toys with sharp corners. But some dogs are very expensive toys. They may bite the toy into pieces and bite it to pieces. In this case, sharp corners will appear and stabs and stab wounds may occur.

Since pet dogs cannot distinguish the difference between this kind of food and normal food, in order to avoid accidental ingestion, the best way is to keep these things away, and avoid these dangerous properties when buying toys. In addition, it is necessary to pay attention to gluttonous dogs can hide food, avoid eating too much food. Dogs who are not greedy usually don't steal food, just remember to feed them!

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