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Precautions for playing with cats

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Playing with cats, I believe that many owners like and are passionate about doing this. Taking some time every day to play with the cat will cause moderate fatigue to the cat and prevent the "sports meeting" in the early morning. It can also relieve its own pressure to a great extent.

Play means exercise. We stimulate its instincts and habits by making it exercise, which is beneficial to promote its blood circulation, improve its metabolism, increase its resistance, and indirectly increase its food nutrient absorption rate and total water intake... and many more. This is a good thing out and about.

8 things to pay attention to when playing with cats! If you want to play with cats better, you need to learn how to play with cats safely. This section is specifically aimed at "safety", and includes many small details that are easily overlooked by shovelers. In any case, if these 8 precautions are ignored, cats and people may be injured. Be careful when playing.

1. Clean up the room before playing

The cat itself is a sporty animal, and there is no guarantee that the cat will be in one place properly when playing. I think it's etter to simply tidy up the sports venues, such as glasses on the table, water cups filled with water without a lid, and all kinds of sharp objects, such as scissors, fine needles, etc., all of which must be put away to avoid unnecessary accidents.

2. Choose toy types carefully to prevent accidental ingestion

When choosing toys, be sure not to choose toys that are too small or have small parts that fall off easily. Cats have hunting habits. When they play high, they may subconsciously swallow toys, causing gastrointestinal obstruction.

3. Don't use "hands" as toys

Many owners use their "hands" as toys for interacting with cats. I don't recommend this. Because of playing in this way for a long time, cats will misunderstand as: "hand = playing/attack object", will have bite addiction, there may be biting phenomenon. And the hands here are not only the hands of the host, but also the hands of the guests. Therefore, I think that both adult cats and kittens should avoid long-term use of "hands" as toys.

4. Avoid super large movements

Avoid the cat's rapid change of direction and high frequency one-on-one play. This is to reduce the burden on the cat's waist and legs, and to prevent accidental injuries such as dislocations and sprains. Although cats are flexible animals, accidents of this kind can happen.

5. Not responding to cat urging

This means that when the cat urges you to play with it by making a "meow" sound, don't respond to it. Because once it responds several times, it may think that "meow" can achieve its desire. May make unnecessary "noise" in the middle of the night. Therefore, the start time of play must be determined by us, not by it "meow".

6. Be careful when playing with older cats

When cats are over two years old, their interest in playing will gradually decrease. They will more and more like to bask in the sun, or sleep on their sides/laps. The frequency of play interaction should be reduced. High-frequency play can stress them. If you keep old cats, no matter if you are playing or doing things, avoid letting them climb to high places. Arthritis is a high incidence of old cats.

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