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How to use a pet nail trimmer

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If there is an active kitten or dog at home, their fingernails must be a headache. Especially for pets who live indoors for a long time, if their nails are too long, they will not only damage furniture such as sofa, but also be unhealthy for pets.

pet nail clipper

Usually, if you have a cat at home, it's very convenient to choose a cat's nail clipper to help the cat clean its long nails, or toys like cat scratch boards. But if you have a dog at home, it's not so convenient to deal with nails. And even with nail clippers, many people can't guarantee that they are skilled at repairing their nails for cats and dogs. Instead, they can easily hurt their fingers.

Then at this time, you can choose the electric claw grinder. Because the pet's fingernails are processed by polishing, the normal use will not cause damage to the pet's fingers. Moreover, the rotation speed of the claw sharpener itself is more appropriate, which can quickly solve the pet's nail problems.

In actual use, we will find that the grip feeling of this claw grinder is quite excellent. It is easy to handle the dog's thick nails and save a lot of trouble. In addition, if you use a claw sharpener on your dog, you will find that after being familiar with the buzz of the claw sharpener, they will be more accustomed to the comfortable nail repair brought by the claw sharpener.

In addition, the claw sharpener is also quite simple to use. It has only one switch, and a protective cover is prepared in the head. At the same time, it divides three main areas, which are suitable for cats and dogs of different sizes. Even if the dog's toe is opened, it can be protected by a large amount of friction.

pet nail clipper

Because of the electric claw grinding device, so in use, the motor buzz is inevitable, but this noise is not very loud, as long as it is not a particularly sensitive pet, it will not produce resistance. Moreover, the electric claw grinding device itself is not heavy, it is quite time-saving and labor-saving to use, and it can be done by one person in daily use. And the use method is also very simple, one hand to pick up the pet's paw, and then rub the head of the claw sharpener, very simple.

As we all know, because the pet's nails, hair is also growing, so it is necessary to clean up. Because the friction efficiency of the electric claw grinding device is relatively balanced, it can achieve very accurate regular care combined with the growth cycle of pet nails. In actual use, the dog will start to have some resistance to the claw sharpener, but after a little use for a while, it will generate curiosity, so as to successfully complete the repair of its nails.

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