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How to train cats sleep in their own beds

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In fact, kittens are very obedient small animals, but if they are not trained to sleep in their own nests when they are young, they will not enter the bed to sleep in the later stages. And it will even appear in your bed, so the owner is very annoying. So in the face of cats' rejection, how can the owner let the cat lie down in the pet bed and sleep in the warmth?

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First, before picking up the kitten, prepare a pet bed or box for it and put a cotton pad on it. If it is winter, put a hot water bottle inside. Or put the cat bed in a warm place and let the cat sleep in it every day.

If you find that the cat is unwilling to go back to bed to sleep, and ran into a person's bed to sleep. The owner of the cat should issue the "no" command and put the cat back in its own bed. Cover the box with a hood and force the cat to sleep in it. Repeated training for a few times in this way can make the cat gradually develop a good habit of sleeping in a fixed place.

If the cat is particularly resistant to the new pet bed, the owner can no longer force the cat, but must proceed gradually. First of all, you can put things such as the owner's clothes in the cat bed, or the owner often touches the cat bed to make the new cat bed smell like the owner. Cats will relax their vigilance when they smell the owner's smell and will try to move closer to the cat bed.

After relaxing their vigilance, the host will use the cat's favorite food to tempt it, such as putting small biscuits in the cat bed for the cat to eat. At first, cats may use their paws to pick up food, but often put snacks in the cat bed, the cat will relax vigilance and will put his head into the bed to eat directly.

The pet bed should be placed close to the owner, such as beside the sofa or beside the bed. Try not to pile too much debris around the pet bed. The owner can touch the cat near the cat bed. Groom cats, scratch their chin, etc. to make them happy. In this way, the cat's consciousness will associate the cat bed with comfort, so that it will no longer resist sleeping on the cat bed.

cat bed

The hygiene of the pet bed is also very important. The owner can prepare more cat mats for changing and washing to ensure that the cat sleeps in a comfortable and hygienic place. Like humans, cats are more likely to develop certain habits when they are young than when they are adults, and the same is true for the habit of sleeping in a cat litter.

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