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How to solve the smelly dog bed?

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The pet owner may finds that the bed used by the dog is always very smelly. Pet owners need to deal with the dog bed. I will share some coping methods here, and pet owners can refer to them appropriately:

1. Clean the dog's bed frequently

If the dog uses the bed for too long, and the pet owner has not cleaned the dog, it will emit an unpleasant smell. Therefore, pet owners need to clean their beds frequently. You can first mix some disinfectant with water according to the proportion, soak the bed in water for a period of time, and then scrub by hand, wring it out, and hang it in a ventilated and sunny place to dry.

2. Use pet deodorant

There is also the use of deodorants where the dog sleeps. However, pet owners need to pay attention not to abuse air fresheners in order to change the air quality, so as not to cause irritation to the dog's sensitive sense of smell. You can use a pet-specific deodorant. Moreover, pet owners often open windows for ventilation, or install exhaust systems to accelerate indoor air circulation. Otherwise, the doors and windows are always closed and the air is not circulating, which will also cause the air quality in the room to become turbid, leaving the smell of dogs in the room for a long time in the air.

3. Bathe your dog regularly

The last point is that pet owners should bath their dogs regularly, otherwise the body will secrete a bad smell if the dog does not take a bath for a long time. Even if the pet owner washes the bed cleanly, it is useless. The smelly dog lying on the mat will make the smelly. Therefore, pet owners should develop the habit of bathing their dogs regularly. It is fixed in the summer and washed once every half a month. In winter, it can be washed once a month to prevent the dog's fur from being damaged by bathing too frequently.

In fact, the smell on the bed comes from the dog, so the dog must be cleaned in time. Pay attention to the cleanliness of the dog's ears, especially those with long, drooping ears. The dog’s ears should be cleaned regularly, otherwise the smell is very heavy. If you look at it, the dog always scratches the ears with his paws or shakes his head, which means that the ears are uncomfortable and it is time to clean up the dog.

After the dog has eaten, some food residues will remain in the teeth, and there will be a peculiar smell at this time, but this situation is not serious. The saliva produced in the dog's mouth will wash away food residues, so the dog's mouth odor may be caused by periodontal disease.

If there are fleas on the dog's body, the skin will be scratched during the process of scratching with the paw. At this time, the skin is vulnerable to bacterial infection. If the dog licks the wound, the saliva will make the peculiar smell more intense, so it is necessary to regularly remove fleas from the dog, and treat it promptly once it has a skin disease.

Pay attention not only to the cleaning of the dog bed, but also to the dog's own hygiene. Only in this way can the odor at home be eliminated.

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