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How to keep the dog's food bowl clean and hygienic?

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There are many different types of pet food bowls on the market to choose from, but are the materials used to make these food bowls safe? If the dog's body is strong enough to resist the virus, how often should the food bowl be cleaned?

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A strong dog's immune system can resist poisonous bacteria. But if its immune system is impaired, the virus will take the opportunity to break through its defenses and make the dog sick.

No matter whether the dog is healthy or not, the owner should clean its food bowl frequently to keep it clean and hygienic. If the dog suffers from periodic or persistent digestive problems such as diarrhea or vomiting, the owner can try to wash the food bowl with hot water and soap every day and let it dry naturally to see if it will relieve the dog's symptoms.

If the dog feeds on a variety of different types of raw meat, eggs or dairy products. Because these foods purchased from supermarkets may be full of deadly Campylobacter, Clostridium, Salmonella, Listeria and other bacteria, we recommend that dog owners clean the dog food bowl regularly.

The easiest food bowl to clean is made of stainless steel, and it is also the safest material for dog food. This material does not produce dangerous chemicals that penetrate into the daily diet, unlike food bowls made of other materials, such as certain plastics, aluminum bowls, poor-quality glazed pots or old-fashioned porcelain bowls.

Glass and stainless steel are both inert materials, but stainless steel is slightly better than glass food bowls because of its durability.

It is recommended that the dog basin should be cleaned at least once every two weeks and dried naturally to keep the surface of the stainless steel basin clean. This means that you should prepare two basins, which can be used in turn.

Plastic food bowls are the worst. The latest research found that polycarbonate plastics commonly used to make food packaging bags and beverage boxes can release at least one chemical substance-phenol methane. The situation that disturbs the balance and secretion of hormones in laboratory test animals is not conducive to the development of the pet's brain. Phthalates, used to soften plastics, are another dangerous chemical that has been shown to cause hormonal disorders and nerve damage in children. These problems can be easily solved by buying a stainless steel food bowl that is reasonably priced, durable and easy to clean.

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